Friday, August 17, 2007

Old School Friday - 10th Grade Edition

Part Deux!

Eric B. & Rakim - Juice (Know The Ledge)

"Black Gambino. Die like a hero." It's been 15 years, so we can be honest. Juice was a HORRIBLE movie. It's up there with Belly and the Shaft remake for worst of all time. Not even Pac could save it, as he goes completely off the rails in the third act. BUT, the soundtrack was pretty tight. And God MC hit us off with this little ditty, which was definitely the crown jewel.

TLC - What About Your Friends

Cross Fucking Colours. Like Kanye said, "Was I on that?" I had red jeans, purple jeans, orange jeans, and green jeans. I'm not especially proud of that particular time of my life, but hey we had fun. Which is what the girls were having in this video. Remember when music was fun?

Boyz II Men - Hard To Say Goodbye

If this song doesn't still get you, then you're a cold hearted bastard that doesn't deserve the oxygen that passes through your lungs.

Gangstarr - Ex-girl To The Next Girl

Guru basically gave me the philosophy that governs my life. You gotta keep it moving. If your main chick starts acting up, you just move on to the next. Thank you Guru.

NWA - Appetite For Destruction

The LAST NWA video ever.

Cypress Hill - Hand On The Pump

"Look at all of those funeral cars." I once thought Cypress Hill was just OK. But when I heard this song, I almost lost my mind. That "Duke. Duke. Duke. Duke of Duke..." is soooo hypnotic. Too bad the Hill could never really repeat this level of quality.

Arrested Development - People Everyday

"Acting like a nigga and get stomped by an African."
I have to admit that it took me some time to warm up to Arrested Development. I didn't fall in love with them at first sight. But, this song definitely grew on me. Plus, you can't deny this groove. I love dude dancing in the clearing, at the end. That just makes me giggle. I have no idea why.

Pac - Brenda's Got A Baby

"Just cause you're in the ghetto doesn't mean you can't grow." Pac went from Digital Underground roadie to bonafied star when this song came out. Chicks were like, "OMG he's so sensitive." Even the hardest dude had to get his sensitive thug on after Pac droppped "Brenda." I believe this came out in early '92. It's hard to believe that Pac died only 4 and a half years later. Seems like he was around much longer, doesn't it?


stopmikelupica said...

Another good week of selections. That old dude dancing at the end of AD's video is probably Baba Oje, the 75 year old member of AD. He's the self-proclaimed "oldest person in hip hop".

I wasn't into AD too much either, but Everyday People is absolutely infectious. You can't help but feel the vibe when it comes on....

massa said...

finally someone else speaks the truth about Juice... and i must say, these weekly trips of nostalgia bring back memories long forgotten on my end. much appreciated sir

The HCIC said...

Juice was good! Tupac was an excellent villain. You know u jumped when he popped up from behind that locker.

And Belly was good too. Do u appreciate art at all or just whatever is on Rap City? Belly had some flaws, but was ambitious and compelling in many ways. That's why I have the special edition DVD, sucka. Speak ill of Hype Williams again and I will smite you.

Gangsta D said...


I take back what I said about you not being that witty. Obviously you're not that knowledgeable. Special Edition DVD of Belly? I wouldn't use that DVD to scrape dog shit off my porch.

Great Waldini said...

Good choice on Guru (wherever my beamer goes, you know that I'm drivin). Actually all these are decent but ex to the next was my schnizit. So undderrated..

And why you frontin on putting Kid N Play joints out there :-)

Gangsta D said...

In due time my dear Padawan. In due time. I got something special coming:)