Wednesday, August 15, 2007

College Football Is Two Weeks Away!!!

Da Realist:

Things you can count on in college football.

If he hasn't already, Lee Corso will officially jump the shark with his antics this fall. It was fun for awhile, but am I the only person that's gotten really tired of his shtick? Kirk Herbstreit, meanwhile, will continue to be the most rock-solid, informative broadcaster in all of college football.
Gangsta D:

Things I can hope for:

1. Tebow will suck major balls
2. Whoever QB's the Canes doesn't absolutely KILL us in crucial situations
3. Sylvester Croom wins at least 6 games
4. Matthew Stafford throws for 400 yds, 4 TDs, 0 INTs against UF
5. Nick Saban gets into a fist fight with a Tuscaloosa reporter after losing to LSU


Things I hope for:

1. Tenn wins at least 9 games and goes to a NY's day bowl
2. Jimmy Clausen mimics Ron Powlus
3. 2007 season is better than 2006
4. Nick Saban and Les Miles mimic John Calipari-Jon Chaney ala 1995
5. ND loses 4 games
6. A non major conference team crashes the BCS party again

Da Realist:

ughhh...your number 6...i can't get with number 6. would you even watch if montana state plays in the fiesta bowl?


if that offense was as exciting as Boise St's then yes. If it wasnt, then like Stone Cold, oh hell like watching Morehouse football vs anybody

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