Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stupid Madden!

Gagnsta D:

I don't NEED a PS3. I haven't played my PS2 since June. I hear the new Madden is supposed to be dope, but why buy it for the PS2 when there is something so much better out there? And there's a little game called Grand Theft Auto coming out this fall, as well. I don't NEED to spend $500 on a PS3. I can buy those games for my trusty PS2 and be satisfied. But, I really WANT a PS3:) I don't know what to do. I'm a lost ship at sea.


What you should do first is check out either ebay or Amazon to see if they have any deals running. When PS2 came out, I held out for almost a year b/c the asking price was too much for just the console and 1 controller. Near the end of the year, I found a deal on Amazon that gave me the console, two controllers, a memory stick, and 4 games for the same price as just the console and 1 controller. With ebay, more than likely it's either used or someone is trying to make a quick buck. But for the latter, that plan should have faltered since the PS3's were not selling as fast as everyone expected. Just bargain w/the salesrep

Or last resort is go to a local game store, find that one guy who looks like is he lacking female companionship, tell him in exchange for a PS3 at $250 or below, you will hook him up with one of the girls from your Water to Wine cover. Of course, hook up means just a dinner and a hug but he doesnt hafta know all that :-)

Gangsta D:

This is why we're boys! I'm gonna have to take your advice. I GOTTA have GTA. Have you seen the trailer? It's gonna be sick.

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