Friday, August 03, 2007

Old School Friday - The Mad Gully Edition

I was born in Cali and raised in Georgia, so my musical tastes tend to swing that way sometimes. So today we are giving some love to the east coast. So everybody put on ya timbos, hike one pants leg up, put a razor under your tongue, and enjoy the show.

Fat Joe feat Grand Puba & Diamond D - Watch The Sound

Oh shit, what you know about the DITC crew? Joe looks young as Hell. Still fat, but young as Hell. Was Puba the first to rock Hilfiger in a video? I totally forgot about that shirt. Anybody know where I can find the video of "Sally Got A One Track Mind?"

Nas - The World Is Yours (Remix)

"You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song." I was actually looking for the original, but I ran across the remix version. I'd actually never seen this before, so I decided to run with it. But anyway, check out that car phone! That thing is huge. Thank God for technology.

Gangstarr feat Nice & Smooth - Dwyck

One of the all-time classics. And the video had chicks in bikinis! The chick in the gold was gonna be my first baby momma, for real.

Mobb Deep - Quiet Storm (Remix)

"Light as a rock bitch. Hard as a cock bitch." OK, I'm not the biggest fan of The Infamous....but since I'm doing an east coast retrospective, I had to include them. The first time I heard this song was at The Dragon Room in Chicago. People went NUTS! I was non-plussed. Anyway, this one's for you K-Dawg. Tell 'em what this is dun:)

The Roots feat Roy Ayers - Proceed II

I don't know. I'm feeling this more than the original. Yeah, I know it's blasphemous. But Roy Ayers sets it off. Dude is on that other level.

Black Moon - How Many Emcees?

"Bitch get off my dick."
Nuff said:)

Fugees - Vocab

I used to fucking hate The Fugees. That "Hey hey hey. Hey hey hey." was annoying beyond belief. I refused to even acknowledge their existence, thenceforth. It really wasn't until "Ready Or Not" came out that I softened my stance. Needless to say, I was a little late on this joint. Better late than never, though, cause Lauryn absolutely rips it. Pras...doesn't. And shouldn't have been allowed in the booth. Clef adds comedy by looking like "Romy Rome," but without the jheri curl and bad teeth.


Anonymous said...

Ah Ha!!! Finally the truth about how critical Mobb Deep was. The first album is a classic people. Good looking out D! As part of your retrospective, Dwyck was really one of the first times I heard Gang Starr. Classic group, surprised they haven't been enshrined in some for of Hip Hop Honors.

Dragon Room - Chicago sounds familiar.... The Taste!!!! Trying to find the spot to party, Classmate sings R Kelly's 12 play to fat chicks (LMAO still), Dragon Room as told by others, "you don't want to go's ghetto." That is exactly why we went!!!!! It ended a stupid hot Chicago trip with a pleasurable memory.

Quote the K-Dawg neva more!

Anonymous said...

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