Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Weekly Tebow Hate

From Ryan Ferguson at FanHouse:

Tim Tebow was selected (by me) as FanHouse's #2 SEC QB, which to be fair is giving Tebow a ton of credit without a start to his name. I can honestly say that based on what I've seen, I think Tebow will be a better overall quarterback than Chris Leak. He's already proven he's a better runner. I believe at the end of the day he'll be a better passer, too. And I think he will make 1st or 2nd-team All-SEC honors by the time the next coaches vote rolls around.
Very interesting. Ryan is sure that Tim Tebow, he of the zero starts, will eventually be:

Better than the Chris Leak who almost beat Miami, in Miami, as a true fresman.

Better than the Chris Leak who threw 88 TDs.

Better than the Chris Leak who threw for 11,213 yards.

Better than the Chris Leak who won 75% of his starts.

Better than the Chris Leak who led his team to a National Championship.

Apparently, you can tell a LOT from spring practice. Mr. Ferguson either has one Hell of an eye for talent, or a crystal ball out of this world. I wonder if he can predict which numbers will hit tomorrow? Ryan you need to holla at me, because I'm trying to get the 60-inch DLP. I could use your expert expertise before I go see Geechy Dan tonight.

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Ryan Ferguson said...

I guess I was right?

What do I win?

Don't hate the playah! Hate the GAME!