Thursday, August 16, 2007

What Dogs Are Really Thinking...

“Whose leg does a guy have to hump around here to get this fucking knife out of my head?”

Damn. Obviously, this dog is in pain because Lucky is a female. And apparently a "Family Guy" fan as well.

“Yes I am a good girl. Now if you could get around to taking this fucking knife out of my head, I’d be an even better girl.”

I love how the dog arrives at the veterinary with a knife in her head, but instead of rushing to get her into surgery, they take the time to get a few snapshots.

“I’ll be glad when these dumb motherfuckers can afford better weed. I spend more time in the air, than Kim Kardashian’s heels.”

This dog is pretty much resigned to the fact that his sole purpose in life is to provide aerial amusement for weed heads. Poor guy.

Hat tip to The HCIC, a knowledgeable and witty woman who'd kick a bitch to sleep, for the right man. OK, maybe I exaggerated. She's not that witty.

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