Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fear Of A Gator Planet

Da Realist:

No offense, D, but this is the first time in 8 years i've felt the gators were the best team on our schedule. this will be my first time seeing the gators from start to finish. (Waldini), tell your boys
not to disappoint me.

Gangsta D:

Tebow can blow me...not literally of course.

Da Realist:

i'm showing my hand a little bit, but UT hasn't looked good at all. in fact, NONE of our teams have looked good this season. i'll watch, but i don't think the gators will get tested until the lsu game in early oct. look at their schedule. UT is down. UGA is down. FSU is down. Auburn is down. Damn. if we're not careful, we could be looking at UF in the sugar bowl this year. this CANNOT happen.

Gangsta D:

I don't think UGA is necessarily down. I think the 'Cocks have a better defense than we thought. They can beat UF. FSU can beat them. Until Tebow responds to pressure, I refuse to annoint him. When he can sit in the pocket all day and throw 50 yard bombs, he's brilliant. But how will he react with 3-4 dudes in his face? Will he sit in the pocket and make the defense pay, or will he run? He's fast, but he's not Mike vick fast. He's big, but he's not used to getting hit 4-5 times a drive.

Well we find out on Sat who's for real right. I mean hell they debating Gatorade btw both schools. I need something positive after Cal got the redemption opening week. But the odds arent looking too good? Florida averaging like 100pts a game, Tebow (gag) looking like the truth, Tenn's d looking quite suspect, etc....But that's why they play the game. I just want to shut up Ty, AY, Jenna, Toya, Shveta, and the rest of the Gator crew for a change

The SEC looks down as a whole. Sans LSU who else has looked like they got it? Ga - Nope, SC - Nope, Auburn - Hell no, the list grows and grows.

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PrimeTyme said...

Hate, hate, hate, hate. Pure dark side. I love it.