Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The NFL Life

Da Realist:

Kevin Everett is just one reason the NFL needs to have guaranteed contracts.

Gangsta D:

It'll never happen. The owners won't give in. The players would have to strike, sit out the year, and kill any and all possible scabs. I just don't see that happening.

Da Realist:

True cause while they're sitting out, they're getting no money. the life of a professional athlete is so small anyway, most of them wouldn't think it was worth it.

Gangsta D:

Therein lies the rub. But think about this. What if Peyton, Brady, LT, Bush, Urlacher, and other top players did some type of protest like not talking to the media or becoming involved in NFL sanctioned activities? They'd still play and collect their checks, but they'd also make be making a statement. Of course, they'be forfeiting a chunk of money in endorsements, but they wouldn't go broke like they would if they striked. Imagine Goodell going nuts, trying to market the NFL with
Alex Smith, Cedric Benson, and Matt Jones leading the way. Of course this will never happen either.


That's a world that will never happen. Almost like asking black athletes to go to only HBCUs for sports.

You know I was thinking about him(Everett), Earl Campbell (peep the latest Costas Now), and other players who have caught the wrong end of the stick after getting banged up for so many years in the NFL. And the pension is atrocious and they dont get their entire contracts guaranteed. Prior 2 my son being born, I was gung ho about him playing football b/c I didnt get to play. But I look at these factors and go it's not worth it.

I'm going to let him try his hand at all sports except floor gymnastics (see Bernie Mac). But I'm gonna push him towards the sports that have a longer lifespan and less chance of him paying for any early injuries later in life. So get ready golf, Cheetah Waldo's coming to a course near you. And he wont be confused about his race. He's 100% born and raised in Harlem, lol

Gangsta D:

Wait, I thought "Waldo" was Irish? Lol


He wont need to know about that :-)

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