Monday, September 03, 2007

The Most Crunkenest

For the longest time, Sebastian The Ibis has been the dopest, most crunk, thugged out mascot in NCAA history. What other mascot has received an unsportsmanlike penalty for excessive celebration? What other mascot has torn it's ACL while celebrating a victory? What other mascot is cranking dat Souljah Boy? Sebastian, that's who! Now, I'm not the biggest Souljah Boy fan but I do get a kick out of the "Yuahhhh," or better yet the "U."

If you've never heard of Souljah Boy and don't know how to "Superman That Ho," then check this out.

(Hat tip:Woodybanger@Canespace)

1 comment:

Jarrett Carter said...

The only flaw with Ibis is that he does all that, only for the crowd to not know when to stop saying "Yuuuuah!"