Thursday, September 20, 2007

Old School Friday - Big Posse

So I was all set with a theme for this week's edition, when I happen to swing by Stop Mike Lupica, and SML happens to mention posse cuts. (Sorry Mr. King, but you did look mad goofy pimpin'). And I thought to myself, "Yeah. Yeah. Posse cuts. Great idea." Yeah, not much depth to the conversations I have with myself. But that's another, much longer story. Anyhoo, this week it's all about the posse(snicker). OK, so I'm 12 years old. Who cares? Enjoy the videos. Drink and act responsible this weekend.

Heavy D - Don't Curse

I had totally forgotten about this track. This was the joint back in the day. A couple things though. What the fuck was Hev and Kane wearing, respectively? And why did Pete Rock feel the need to embarrass himself on the mic? Otherwise, classic cut.

Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

"Bust a nut inside you eye to show you where I come from." Phife Diggy, always with the one-liners. Is this the best posse cut of all time? If not, roll call isn't very long. It just seemed to have that certain "I don't know what." You just spent four minutes bobbing your head uncontrollably, and you loved it. Speaking of, commence head bobbing in 5...4...3...2...1...

West Coast All-Stars - All In The Same Gang

"I'm in a rage. Oh yeah, and why is that G?" The west coast answer to "Self-Destruction." I love how almost every rapper is hard, then Hammer comes in and busts a dance move. Way to read the room Stanley:) I kid Hammer. But the track is dope, no doubt.

M.O.P. - Ante Up Remix

"KIDNAP THAT FOOL! GET 'EM! GET 'EM! GET 'EM!" If you don't feel like busting somebody in the head after listening to this song, then you just can't be reached. This used to get fools so hyped in the club, it's ridiculous. You had to walk it off when the song ended, just to make sure you didn't jump in another dude's shit for no apparent reason. "BITCH RUN THAT! BITCH RUN THAT! BITCH RUN THAT!"

The Juice Crew - The Symphony

The original.

Crooklyn Dodgers - Crooklyn Dodgers

"I'm feeling another part of reality..." OK, first off. Mike in that White Sox uniform is HILARIOUS! I supported Mike at the time, but damn that shit was uncalled for. Anyway, can someone throw Buckshot a lifeline? Dre? 50? Jigga? Someone! I know he had a project with 9th Wonder, but I never heard too much from it. Well, I guess we'll always have "Enta Da Stage."

Master P - Make 'Em Say Uhh

"We keep rollin'. Na na na na na." No Limit at it's absolute peak. This was the crowning achievement of Percy Miller. He stepped to the plate hit a grand slam, but tore his patella while rounding third. Unfortunately, he was never the same afterwards. At any rate, I think "Break 'Em Off Something" is the greatest club song of all time, but this track is right behind it. How many times was this played during Senior Week? A shitload.


Great Waldini said...

A masterful collection. But if you gon post We're All in the Same Gang, you gotta put up Self Destruction too. I still Think WC All Stars had a doper beat.....

Anonymous said...

Ok Scenario absolutely the second best posse cut of all time. The remix is just as great. I think that all time best posse cuts are Phone Tap - the Firm, Wu Tang Clan aint nothing to Fu** wit - Wu Tang and C.R.E.A.M. I know I know, what the fu**, K-Dawg. However, when you heard it the first itme you said to yourself this is great stuff. What you have are definately noteworthy but you can't leave these out kinfolk.

Quote K-Dawg.... always in your mama! :-) LOL

stopmikelupica said...

Masterful post. Near-perfect.

You got the top two posses cuts - The Symphony (the original, as you point out), and Scenerio (the best). The Scenerio remix is just as potent, but without the video and airplay that will alway remind you/me of the summer of 7th grade or whenever.

Damn, I watched the Ante Up remix video. I knew I shouldn't do that at work. Now I'm too amped... I'm gonna go step out and rob a subway, running alongside it.

Crooklyn Dodgers'95 always gets me. It's the verse where Chubb Rock gets mad angry... that still cracks me up. It's actually better than the original '94 version, in my opinion.

Self-Destruction is missing, as noted in the first comment. That was my thought exactly.

And Master P - Make 'Em Say Ugh was the first mp3 I ever downloaded, via Cute FTP (back in the days before Napster).

We really need to do a crossover post soon. Maybe you guys can feed me 10 questions to answer or something... we gotta do something.

Gangsta D said...

Patience Padawans. Patience. Self-Destruction is coming in another post. I'm just trying not to repeat videos too often.


Crossover post sounds cool. We'll have to come up with something.

Great Waldini said...

We dont have patience :-). Just get it done Kwaigon