Friday, September 07, 2007

Old School Friday - Ladies' Night

All right folks, it's time to give the ladies some run here on Old School Friday. That's right, this week it's all females and no dudes. Or, what I like to call Saturdays at my house. I kid. So, sit back and enjoy the show.

MC Lyte - Cha Cha Cha

"I'll blind you with the science that the others have yet to find." I think this is Lyte's hardest song. That bassline is just hypnotic. I got dibs on it SML, so hands off pimpin':) But seriously, this was the jam back in 8th grade. I definitely found a whole new level of respect for the L-Y-T-E.

Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedu

I always had a soft spot for this song. I wasn't the biggest Bahamadia fan, but I was definitely feeling this one. It's just got that quintessential mid-90's east coast groove. Being from Philly, definitely didn't hurt. Too bad she didn't find mainstream success. I wonder what she's up to now.

Sheila E. - Glamorous Life

Phil Collins and Dave Grohl are pussies. Sheila was the true drummer rocking it back in the day. Plus she's way cuter. Kind of off topic, but did EVERY dude rock a flock-of-seagulls in the 80's? I didn't realize they were that prevalent.

Adina Howard - Freak Like Me

Ahh jeah! Adina wasn't the cutest chick, but the slut freak factor definitely bumped her up in the standings. The first time I heard this song, I figured it would probably be a hit. When I saw the video, I knew there was no doubt. Now I'm not the biggest fan of bright red lipstick, but Adina pulls it off. Must be the slut freak factor at work again.

SWV - Right Here (Human Nature Mix)

I ran into a dilemma. Do I post this video or do I post a video from their second album, when they *ahem* got miraculously cuter? I decided to go for substance over style. Yeah, I'm mad deep. Anyway, the true star of this song is the MJ sample. Why don't more people sample Mike? He's innocent people!

Lauryn Hill - Ex-Factor

"Lauryn Hill said her heart was in Zion. I wish her heart still was in rhymin'."
True dat Kanye. True dat. I don't know what's happened to Ms. Hill, but she's been on that shit as of late. Rohan Marley must've passed her the stickiest of the icky, cause she is gone. But enough of that. I'd rather focus on the good times, like this song. It's just so soulful. If you can't feel it in your heart, that means you don't have one.

Nina Simone - Ain't Got No...I've Got Life

If you don't know who Nina Simone is, then you need to read up on her. For those in the know, just sit back and watch a master at work. This groove is so perfect. I can't think of a better way to start the weekend.


stopmikelupica said...

Great choices this week. MC Lyte's groove is great - go to it! I also like the Kraftwerk sample (which Jay-Z later used) she works in between.

I'm high powered, put Adina Howard to sleep. Yo, pardon... that bitch been on my mind all week.

Nina Simone - beautiful choice. "I'm feeling good" is my favorite... "Bird flying high, you know how I feel..."

Gangsta D said...

As an aside, Mary J Blige has been rumored to play Nina in a biopic. I'm curious to see how she would handle the role. It's an incredibly dope role to play.

Jarrett Carter said...


I wonder if Eddie George laughs out Taj whenever these old vids resurface.

Jarrett Carter said...

And, if I haven't missed it, when will Domino's Ghetto Jam make the cut?

I can go toe to toe with ya'll on forgotten videos. lol

Gangsta D said...

Domino almost made it into the "West Coast" edition, but I decided to save it for another time. Gotta keep 'em wanting more.