Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Prosecute With Extreme Prejudice?

Gangsta D:

Bobby knows how to instill discipline doesn't he? I wonder if the punishment would've been harsher if they were playing W. Alabama A&M this weekend? lol

Florida State linebacker Geno Hayes has been demoted to the second-team after being arrested for an altercation with police outside a bar.

Hayes and fullback Joe Surratt, who is sitting out the season with an injury, were suspended Friday after being arrested earlier in the day. The Seminoles were idle Saturday and coach Bobby Bowden reinstated Hayes on Tuesday.
Da Realist:

I really think it's time for bobby to step down. He doesn't actually DO anything. Well, maybe that's too harsh, but he's more of an overseer than a coach. I think it is holding us back because we need some fresh air.

If i said that on Warchant, you'd be reading about me in the the news. They are blindingly loyal over there. Even if you bring in all these fresh coaches, they still need to adhere to bobby's way of doing things. I just think it's time.

The question is... how much of florida state is bobby bowden? when he leaves, will the program move forward? Tallahassee is not exactly a vacation spot. there are other top school's in rural areas, but fsu has to out-recruit two other major players in the state not to mention georgia, georgia tech, alabama, auburn, tennessee and clemson not too far away. How much pull does fsu have without bobby? I don't know, but i think it's time we found out.


Who do you think should replace him?

Gangsta D:

If Bobby leaves, they'll make a hard push for Richt. He'll probably be their #1 choice.

Da Realist:

He left on bad terms. people still hadn't forgotten how he left. (they said he was too distracted and as a result, we couldn't score against oklahoma). Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with Richt.

I think that bobby is already making moves. have you heard about how he's hired terry bowden as a "consultant"? Now why would one need a consultant after hiring all those coaches over the summer??? One of these days, Jimbo is going to find out the same thing mark richt found out. He has no shot at the top job.

Gangsta D:

Seminole fans have to get over themselves. The offense has been a mid-air collision since Richt left. But who said college football fans were rational.

Yeah, I forgot about Terry being hired. I guess that would probably be the only job to remove him from his self-exile.

Da Realist:

There's just been a lot going on with bobby to make me think it's time. I still remember a couple of games against his son at clemson that seemed rather suspect. tommy's fighting for his job and the seminoles go in ranked #3 and lie down. It's been a couple of games like that. he's the only person on earth who thought Jeff was doing a good job. He's now hired terry as a "consultant".

Richt didn't leave on his own. Bobby made it clear to him that he wanted to promote his son from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator. Richt left a little bitter. Can you see now how our offense didn't seem to have any pop against Oklahoma in the orange bowl that year? The 2003 sugar bowl displayed a lot of tension between the two.

Richt should have never left. Like you said, it's been a train wreck ever since.

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