Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekend Recap


- Do you realize none of our teams are still not ranked right now?? And that my Vols sit at the bottom of the SEC East? What's the world coming to? I liked this observation from Mandel about the SEC:

My take on the SEC at this point in the season: Two truly elite teams (LSU and Florida) and a whole bunch of good-but-not-great squads (Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee), any of whom could beat the other on any given night but would have a hard time hanging with the Tigers and Gators.
- This is turning into 2005 redux where you are constantly going WTF with some of the games. Georgia wins on the road, Kentucky wins on the road, Nebraksa barely hangs on, Michigan exposes Penn St, Miami crushes Texas A&M, App St loses to Wofford after beating Michigan, ND is 0-4 for the first time in school history, Arizona St is undefeated, the TT-OSU shootout, etc. Too bad my Vols are repeating their same 2005 recipe for disaster

- I gotta admit, the Cowboys are looking legit. They took one of the top NFL defenses and manhandled it (albeit in the 2nd half). Do these guys play NE or IND this year :-)

- Green Bay is 3-0. Now I have to hear about how Favre is the greatest this and that, and that his Packers are legit

- Did firing Schottenheimer really solve the Chargers problems?

- Angels and Indians clinch postseason spots, the Red Sox and Yankees look like they will clinch the other 2 AL spots and the NL still remains wacky. Who you got going? I may watch the postseason all the way through for a change since the race to get there has been so dramatic.

Gangsta D:

I have a feeling there will either be 3-4 undefeated teams at the end of the year, or 5-6 one loss teams. USC may look unbeatable, but ANYTHING is possible. The only thing I'll agree on is that LSU will beat Florida. It's at Baton Rouge, Tebow's passes were shaky when the game tightened up, UF is undisciplined, and they're defense can be moved on.
Well, I'll agree to something else. Even if ND only wins 2 games this year, Weis isn't going anywhere.

The Cowboys are the class of the NFC. Romo is an MVP candidate. Barber is a beast. TO is TO. Witten is about to move past Shockey and Gonzales. If we can get that D fixed, it's gonna get ugly. And oh yeah, October 14th. Pats at Cowboys. Game of the year.

Bret Favre is Bret Favre cause Bret Favre just does Bret Favre type things.

LaDanian looked so hurt during that press conference. He cried on the way home.

The Red Sox are crumbling. They have one starting pitcher, no bullpen, and no Manny. They're pretty much done. A-Rod gets a World Series MVP this year.


Why dont they go ahead and bench Julius Jones? I know it's a contract yr for him but it's obvious to everyone that Barber is the future back of that team.

Gangsta D:

Jones still has breakaway capability. He wouldn't have been caught on that long run. Jones is still capable. I like the two-back setup. Why tire out one RB, when you have two that are capable. Who starts doesn't matter, cause Barber always finishes. It's academic anyway, as we have the Browns draft pick and will be getting Darren McFadden. McFadden and Barber in the same backfield even scares me. Come on Browns, keep on losing:)


that would be very scary :-). A young QB and 2 young RB studs. Still not enough to convert me to be a local fan, lol

Da Realist:

i'm not sold on the yankees winning this year. they don't have dependable pitching. it's gonna be their fatal flaw in the postseason.


And I'm not sold on Alex coming up big in the postseason. He routinely flames out in October.

Gangsta D:

Hey, we're talking about baseball! Yaaaaaay team! Lol

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