Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Official Top 5

Gangsta D:

1. USC - Sorry I had a temporary lapse last week. 'SC is the best team.

2. LSU - Matt Flynn still worries me, but the defense is ridiculoso.

3. UF - LSU will beat Florida by 2 Tds. That's not hate, that's just real.

4. OK - Had a tight game with Tulsa then blew them out the water. They're schedule is still suspect though.

5. W. Va - HUGE game with S. FL this weekend. We'll see if they are truly an elite team.

Da Realist:

I agree with this top 5. watch out for clemson. I know, I know... But they have looked good. And i'll buy you a beer if you can look at their schedule and guarantee a loss somewhere. They may be the sleeper undefeated team by the time they get to the ACC championship.

Gangsta D:

I may not be able to guarantee it, but Boston college is gonna be a beast. They both might be undefeated when they play in November. Maybe the Tigers can soften them up, cause we play in Chestnut Hill the next week:)

Da Realist:

The only question is...will they step on their own foot somewhere along the way? They're a good team, but they aren't used to being the top dog.


I agree with top 5 as well. I still want to see what happens when they play Oregon and Cal. As for Clemson, I dont know if they can reach the heights of Danny Ford yet but we'll see. When they beat G Tech last season, they were 7-1, ranked in the top 10, and I thought no one could hang with them. then they lose 4 of their next 5 and barely get into bowl. The question is if they can keep up the momentum the whole season, not just for the first 2 months.

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