Friday, September 14, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Gangsta D:

Picks update:

Yours truly 9-3
Smokey 8-4
Osceola 7-5

Da Realist:

I'm only 2 back??? LOL...


Gangsta D: USC has been ordained the best team in football once again, but they were kind of pedestrian against Toledo. Nebraska didn't exactly look like the World's Greatest against Wake Forest either. I wonder if the bye week hurt 'Sc or will help them. It's always tough playing Nebraska. But, the Trojans just have too many athletes. Nebraska would have to play over their heads to pull this one out. I think it's closer than the experts predict, but 'SC pulls it out nevertheless.

Waldini: I'm not impressed by Carroll, Booty and co PLUS it's weird they have 9 tailbacks on their roster. But I agree, Nebraska didn't lay the smack down on the Demon Deacons like they should have. Originally I had Nebraska but I'm switching to the dark side er I mean USC.

Da Realist: I didn't see usc play, but I saw Nebraska stumbling against Wake Forest. USC has more athletes, even if they are raw and not 100%. I can't remember the last big win Bill Callahan has had in college or pro. USC is used to being everyone else's "game of the year". USC

Ohio St vs UW

Gangsta D: I'm officially on the Ty Willingham bandwagon. Ok I've never really been off, but it looks like Ty has his team ready to play. Jake Locker is trying to cement his status as the White Pat White. Ohio St didn't look that impressive to me against Akron at home. They were up 3-2 in the second quarter. Plus the Buckeyes have to travel cross country to play in a stadium that will be rocking. Can the new QB handle the pressure? Ken Dorsey couldn't in 2000, so there is definitely precedence. I think U-Dub wins and it's by double digits.

Waldini: I picked against you last week Ty, I wont make the same mistake again. I thought Wells was supposed to be the 2nd coming of Eddie George at OSU. That offense struggled against a not on the same level as Appalachian St team called Akron. That's all I need to know. HUSKERS

Da Realist: I hope the Huskies can find a way to win this game and officially throw dirt on the corpse of the Big Ten this year. and oh boy would he stick a big "f you" in the faces of all Notre Dame fans. I just don't see it happening. OSU.

ND vs Mich

Gangsta D: The most hyped game between two winless teams in the history of hyped games. Ryan Mallet versus Jimmy Clausen. Let's just say that the running game is gonna be very important on Saturday. Edge goes to Mich and Mike hart, who is the only Wolverine who seems to be playing to potential. Lord Weis loses his FIFTH in a row, hopefully by 20+ points.

Waldini: The hate in me wants me to go w/Mich but losing Henne is huge. I saw Mallet in mop up duty last week. He's got a cannon but he doesnt have that accuracy down yet. Mike Hart can only do so much see App St game. But Clausen didnt exactly drum up memories of Montana or Theisman either. And that offense is atrocious. Gimme Mich in the Donut Bowl

Da Realist: Michigan has some athletes, but they are slow. Notre Dame doesn't have athletes. Michigan has trouble with speed and mobile quarterbacks, neither of which Notre Dame has. UM

BC vs G-Tech

Gangsta D: I'm sold on Matt Ryan. Dude just puts up numbers. We know he's good. But we don't know if Tech is any good. Throttling ND and Samford doesn't really tell me a whole lot. Their running game is good, as Tashard Choice is a proven commodity. But Taylor Bennet didn't impress me at ND. Plus, we don't know if Tech's secondary is any good because the Irish passing game is pretty nonexistent. Normally I would go with the home team, but I'm getting darkhorse Heisman vibes from matt Ryan. Well see if he turns into Carson Palmer or Kyle Orton. BC in a squeaker.

Waldini: You have the ACC Preseason Player of the year (Matt Ryan) vs the 2006 ACC Rushing Leader (Tashard Choice). Choice has a huge chip on his shoulder (he didnt like being on 2nd team last year) and they're playing in Atlanta. I'm going w/G. Tech, I just think they are going to do some things in the ACC this year.

Da Realist: I like that Georgia Tech defense. I'm not sure how good Boston College really is but I know they are historically big but slow. i think Matt Ryan will find his ass on the ground more and more often as the game wears on. GT.

ARK vs Bama

Gangsta D: All I know about Bama is that Gil's cousin plays for them, and he's pretty fast. All I know about Arkansas is that McFadden and Jones are REALLY fast. The Hogs have zero passing game, but with those two, do you really need one? The Tide hasn't faced a running combo like McFadden-Jones so I have no idea if they're up for the challenge. Even though Saban may have something up his sleeve, the Hogs pull it out.

Waldini: Saban's a genius, a revolutionary, an offensive wunderkind, a relentless recruiter, and a quitter :-). You said it Gangsta Fadden and Jones is a lethal 1-2 punch (only WVA's Slaton and Devine, and Clemson's Spiller and Davis come close to matching that power & speed). And it's in Fayetteville. Arkansas goes ape shit on Sat.

Da Realist: As great as Arkansas's running game is, you can't bring a one-dimensional offense on the road and expect to win. The Hogs are relying on Casey Dick to make some big plays on the road in Nick Saban's home opener (because you know the tide will stack the line). i hope i'm wrong, but... ALABAMA

UT vs UF

Gangsta D: It's hard for me to keep the bile from overtaking my mouth. There's a pain in my stomach that's gotta be worst than contractions. I'm actually going to pick the Floriduh Gaytors. Blechh! I'm gonna go wash my mouth out now.

Waldini: Do I even need to explain why Tenn is my pick?

Da Realist: Another prediction of which i hope i'm wrong, but Tennessee doesn't look that good. I fell asleep watching last week. Where is the explosiveness? Where is the athletic offensive line phil is known for? Love em or HATE em, Florida has athletes. Lots of them. I hope UT can somehow knock UF on its butt at the swamp, but i can't pick em. UF

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