Friday, September 14, 2007

Decisons Decisions To Make

Gangsta D:

OSU-UW, ND-Mich, UF-UT, and UM-FIU all play at 3:30. Should I focus on the two competitive games and forsake my Canes and a possible Irish beatdown? Or do I try to catch them all, thereby driving myself insane? What sayeth the congregation?


Usually when my boys play, it's them and no one else....So watch the Canes and flip to other games during commercial break :-)

Da Realist:

hell naw! drive yourself insane. it's the only way. park your self on the sofa, have the woman bring you meat and chips, glue the remote control to your hand and see if you can go the whole day without seeing even one commercial. ;-)

Gangsta D:

"Meat and chips"

Just any kind of meat will do? Lol

I'll probably tape the canes. That way I can watch it without missing anything, while still switching back and forth between the other games. It's gonna be hectic. I think my eyes are gonna shoot out of my head around 4:15.

Da Realist:

You'll quickly get the hang of it and develop a sixth sense as to when you should change the channel. Something in your mind is going to tell you "notre dame, first and goal at the six" and you'll know to turn. Trust me, it will kick in by halftime. Of course, if you're watching with someone, they will go CRAZY. By the time Da Wife has figured out the situation, i've already changed back to the original game. An example conversation...

"Why did you just turn?"

"The huskies just got a first down at their own 40, but nebraska is in field goal range on 3rd down. which would YOU rather see right now?"

"Oh. But how do you catalog and prioritize everything so fast?"


This will be you by halftime.

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