Friday, September 28, 2007

Who You Got?


Yours Truly 16-8
Osceola 16-8
Smokey 13-11


Dang, I continue to be the Baylor/Duke/Vandy/Arizona/Northwestern of the bunch huh :-)

Bama vs FSU

Gangsta D: Technically not a home game for FSU, but who are we kidding? The Garnet and Gold will be substantially represented in the stands. But will it matter? Bama has played two gut wrenching games in a row. Do they have anything left? Can the 'Noles get their offense going? Bama seems to be on the right track, but I don't know if they're ready emotionally. My brain says to go with Bama, but I think the "home" crowd pushes the 'Noles to victory.

Da Realist: No way does Alabama fall asleep at the wheel in this game so I can't say that FSU will have a motivational advantage. We know Bobby wants this game, but there is another subplot that is just as interesting -- teacher vs student. Jimbo has had 2 weeks off to wake up the offense and get the boys ready. I'm sure he's made quite a few changes (maybe, just maybe including the quarterback position), but Nick wants this game just as badly. I just don't think FSU will be able to bring enough.

They "can" do it, but I need to see them pull out a game like this before I have confidence in them. We still got yahoos getting tasered by the cops on the eve of the biggest game of the season! And we still got Ol' Bobby giving them the message that the game is more important than respect. We're a little banged up and frankly, I don't think we have the speed to keep up with their wideouts all game long. And I don't care about the criticism of John Parker Wilson -- he looks better than any FSU qb i've seen in years. ALABAMA

Waldini: 'Bama proved me wrong last week. I thought they had something special going and then they lose to Georgia at home. Rumblings are also happening inside FSU's camp about the lack of offense. Agree with you Gangsta, I don't know why they say neutral site :-). Gimme ALABAMA only b/c I'm not sold on Bobby's offense.

Cal vs Oregon

Gangsta D: Autzen Stadium is gonna be rocking. Dennis Dixon appears to be the truth. Cal is explosive, but so is Oregon's crowd. This is gonna be one of those classic Pac-10, sling the ball around, nobody play defense, trick play bonanzas. Final score should be in the 45-38 range. These teams look to be even, so I'm going with the home team. It's just hard to beat a good Oregon team at home.

Da Realist: Gotta go with the home team. Dixon will dominate. I think they win comfortably. OREGON

Waldini: This just in, the Ducks lose their top receiver for a year. But they still have Dixon and he's a beast. This should be the game of the week as you have two high octane offenses and neither's defense strikes fear in anyone. I hope Oregon doesnt make the same mistake as my Vols and decide to punt to Jackson. That would be highly uncivilized. OREGON

Clemson vs Gtech

Gangsta D: OK, it's safe to say that Tech is vastly overrated. Stomping ND is no longer a good litmus test. Clemson appears to be on one of their tradional early season rolls. But can they maintain it? Tenuta's defense specializes in tormentin QBs, which is great for Clemson cause they can't throw it. James Davis and CJ Spiller will get heavy work and wear down the yellow jackets. I'm crossing my fingers, and hoping that Tommy isn't screwing with us once again. Clemson by double digits.

Da Realist: The Yellowjackets shouldn't even be in this game by the fourth quarter. Clemson should not lose in the regular season. of course they probably will, but not this game. CLEMSON

Waldini: Will Clemson start it's annual midseason meltdown with a loss to G Tech. Me thinks that won't happen at this game. Too much Davis and Spiller will trump Tech's D. Plus they got exposed by BC a few weeks ago and that officially had me hop off their sleeper bandwagon. Dont screw this up Tommy. CLEMSON

W Va vs S FL

Gangsta D: This is gonna be a good one. The mountaineers have a lethal run game. S. Fl is on the comeup. I was tempted to take the Bulls, until this:

"I thought we were already in the (state's) Big Three," Bulls receiver Taurus Johnson said. "I (didn't) know Miami was still there."
Noel Devine comes home to Florida and runs for 135 yds on six carries. And the Bulls get a much needed dose of reality, and hopefully some humility.

Da Realist: The Bulls are not ready to win this game. I would feel better about their chances if it was in Morgantown. The Bulls have won 2 straight games and I'm always leery about picking a team to win 3 straight. The Mountaineers pull this out on the road. WEST VIRGINIA

Waldini: Great offense (WVa) vs a Great defense (USF). Can that defense stop White, Slaton, and now Devine. Maryland did for a quarter and a half, then BAM it was lights out. USF was one of the teams that beat WVa last year so I know Rodriguez has got revenge on his mind. "Mercy is for the weak" WEST VIRGINIA

Miss St vs S Car

Gangsta D: Three wins for Sylvester. Just two more and he's guaranteed a job for next year. The Bulldog defense is actually pretty good, and OBC is trotting out a freshman for his first start. Neither offense can really put up points so it's going to be a defensive struggle. Couple that with the home crowd and the 'cocks pull this one out. However, if the
Bulldogs win I won't be disappointed.

Da Realist: Let's not get carried away here. The Bulldogs are still a work in progress. The Gamecocks were dominated last week, but they DID beat the dawgs between the hedges earlier this year. And besides, they won't lose 2 weeks in a row. SOUTH CAROLINA

Waldini: We see you creeping up in the W column Sylvester. I'm real happy for him b/c the Bulldog alumni have been smoking crack when it comes to their football team and expectations. But I cant see them pulling another miracle like they did in Auburn 2 wks ago. And now that Spurrier pulled another Danny Wuerffel-Terry Dean with his current set of QBs, I think those boys come out and doing their thing. SOUTH CAROLINA and then they go to Bojangles afterwards for bo-berry biscuits and sweet tea.

Auburn vs UF

Gangsta D: Who's got the balls to pick Auburn in an upset? Well if Jason Campbell, Ronny Brown, and the Cadillac were playing, I'd definitely take the Tigers. Unfortunately, they're not walking through that door. Anyway, you know how I feel about Florida. They can be beaten. Maybe Auburn plays with some emotion and pride. Maybe Brandon Cox pulls his head from his hindquarters. Maybe. But I don't think they have the athletes to do it. It will be close, but Florida wins another squeaker. And we have to hear about the greatness of Tebow for another week. I can't wait for them to go to Baton Rouge.

Da Realist: This is the SEC and anyone can win any game on any given saturday, but Auburn has been awful. Give me FLORIDA.

Waldini: Uggh, I hate to keep picking Florida but this game's in the swamp and the Tigers offense is in disarray. FLORIDA wins but if they happen to lose, I wont mind taking an L on this pick. Another week of Tebow's the greatest QB ever.


PrimeTyme said...

D, you hate on Tebow like he took your lunch money. Did you have a Gooch experience with him?

I figured WVU would lose this game. All the signs of an emotional upset. They couldn't handle the hot lights again and USF's defense setup to take away White and Slaton perfectly. Unless you are '94 -'95 Nebraska, you can't win if you can't throw.

PrimeTyme said...

I was tempted to take the Bulls, until this:
"I thought we were already in the (state's) Big Three," Bulls receiver Taurus Johnson said. "I (didn't) know Miami was still there."

You know you love it. That's the same kind of cockiness that put UM on the map. USF is using the same formula. Keep kids in FL, build a fast defense, talk big shit.