Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Official Top 5

Gangsta D:

I debated whether to even do a Top 5. I have no idea if these teams are worthy. 3 of the 5 will undoubtedly lose this weekend. What's the point? Nobody knows nothing.

1. USF - More impressive victories than Ohio St.

2. LSU - Lost to a very good UK team at home. Probably wouldv'e won if Les Miles hadn't have pulled a Carrol and decided to run right into the teeth of the defense on 4th down.

3. OSU - Haven't beat anyone. Maybe they're good. Probably not though.

4. OU - I guess they're still pretty good. Won two tough games in a row.

5. BC - Haven't beat anyone. Maybe they're good. Probably not though.

Da Realist:

I'm with you. your guess is as good as mine. are we voting for "most deserving" or just flat-out "top 5" because i still think some of the better teams have a loss or two.

Gangsta D:

That's the thing. It's so muddled. Can BC beat Florida? Probably not. Can USF beat OU? Probably not. There will be much bellyaching in the land when the final BCS standings come out.

Da Realist:

1. South Florida -- based on their season so far, they are the most accomplished

2. Boston College

3. Ohio State -- what if instead of Ohio State, there was 'Indiana' on their jerseys. Would they be ranked number 1?

4. LSU

5. OU

I think both South Florida (maybe Rutgers Thursday) AND Boston College (they play at Clemson) will probably lose before the season is out. Ohio State has a weak schedule. They may be this year's version of the 2003 Oklahoma Sooners. LSU and Florida may just play again and I would actually lean toward Florida in the rematch. This year is crazy.


1. South Florida - same reason as Realist

2. Ohio State

3. Boston College - They're suspect but until somebody beats them, there in the top 3

4. LSU - They didnt play just fell victim to a couple of mistakes and luck

5. Oregon - I take this one loss team over OU in a heartbeat

You guys are right, I dont think any of the top 3 undefeated can stay undefeated. They all play in conferences that are weak compared to the SEC and Pac 10 this year. What is making this season so crazy is that all teams have flaws and they are being exposed earlier than usual.

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