Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lamenting Past Greatness

Da Realist:

It's 3 days before armageddon and there is no trash talk between da_realist and gangsta_d. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Gangsta D

Is there any reason to trash talk? Lol

Remember when this game meant something? Remember when it was a titanic tilt between two CFB behemoths? Remember when you used to get butterflies on Tuesday?!? I can't even summon up the requisite animosity. I'm even considering not watching it live! It's not that I think we suck, it's just that we will be mediocre this year. Next year we will either have a true freshman or a redshirt freshman starting. It really will be '09 before we can even think about dominating again.

Da Realist:

I watched a little bit of the '91 game last night on's like night and day. Night and day. They were the best 2 teams in the nation playing in the regular season. Remember the rose bowl a couple of years ago? That's like USC and Texas playing every year, home and home. Only this time, they all know each other, were high school teammates, were neighbors, etc. USC vs Texas, but with a little nasty on the side.

Gangsta D:

Night and day, Hell. It's more like May and December:)

There's no reason it can't get back to that level. Both teams have top-10 recruiting classes. The state of Florida will always have top talent. I believe Randy will turn it around. I just hope he's given the time. But as a first time head coach, you really don't know what you're doing until a couple seasons have passed. We'll see. As far as FSU, couldn't tell you. Maybe it is time for Bobby to step down. But no one in the admin has the balls to force him out. It would probably take the Florida Governor to do it:)

Da Realist

I've said all along that i think bobby needs to go. FSU is living in the past. It's time for a change. And we shouldn't give Bobby the ability to choose the next coach. When we said he built the "FSU Dynasty", we didn't mean that literally! jeez...

It's more about bobby now than it is about the team. Dude doesn't even coach anymore. He wants to be the all-time leader so bad he's taking the team down with him. I'm not gonna preach, but it's time for him to go. somebody's got to take the keys from dad because he's too old to drive.

Gangsta D:

Probably not gonna happen. If the boosters didn't take action, Jeff Bowden would still be coaching. If Bowden were to get fired, would that be one of the Top 5 CFB stories of all time? That would be like UNC firing Dean Smith. Of course, the admin would try to spin it as a "mutual agreement" but it would still be a firing.

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