Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rocket Men

Gangsta D:

What am I missing with all the Houston adulation? People seem to think they can hang with Dallas and the Spurs. Based on what exactly? McGrady has never made it out of the 1st round of the playoffs and Yao can't stay healthy long enough to help in the playoffs. Now they get Rick Adelman and he's supposed to take them to the next level?!? I don't get it. How are they supposed to be so dope?

Da Realist:

Sometimes i wonder how some of the media get designated as basketball sages. most of them know nothing about basketball. there are a few...bill simmons knows basketball (although it's skewed through a celtic lens), scoop jackson (viewed through an individualistic street ball POV), stephen a smith (ass-kisser to the stars but knows a little bit) and retired players-turned-media like charles barkley and kenny smith. most of the rest don't know squat. most of them have agendas that are thinly veiled.

I read articles predicting the celtics to win the title this year (shaking my head), portland would have contended for the title if greg oden was healthy (did he win in the ncaa?) and even how THIS is the year mcgrady and yao ming become the next shaq-and-kobe.

As far as the rockets go, mcgrady doesn't even interest me anymore. he's a waste of talent. that boy has no fire whatsoever. and yao is too stiff to be a force. rick adelman is gonna get them to the promised land? he'll lead them to the 6th seed, that's where.


Both of you hit it on the head. I don't know how the Rockets even enter the equation. What has Rick Adelman done besides squander good talent (see '91 Blazers, '02 Kings) when he has it. If he's so good, why did the Rockets struggle to beat a mediocre Laker team last night. McGrady lost me in Orlando. Skill wise, he had a chance to be on par with Kobe. But he's completely unmotivated to do that.

Side note: Have things gotten so bad for Stevie Franchise that he's not even part of a rotation? Consider him done.

Media wise, I bought the SI Preview and they are in love with the Celts. I stand by my claim that they will make the Eastern Conf Finals at least. I want to pull for them cuz they got two South Cack boys on their team but people are quickly turning me to the dark side on them. Let those cats win a few games and do damage in the playoffs before we anoint them.

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