Wednesday, October 31, 2007

More Kobe?!? Shit Yeah!!

Today we welcome G-Nice back into the rotation for another Kobe discussion. Yeah, we're talking Kobe again. And yeah, Superfans #98 and #99 are on suicide alert again.


I just read this blog by a writer for the Chicago Tribune talking about a potential Kobe trade to the bulls. Thankfully, he thinks there's nothing there yet. But people of course responded. And the very first response is what I think it is the most accurate, the most honest and the most Chicago:

"No. Please no. A Kobe trade might make the bulls a better team but I can't root for him. He's a selfish calculating phony. He got Shaq traded and he pouted and stopped taking shots in a couple of games. He felt like he could be a jerk without consequences until Nike and other sponsors lost interest in him. Please, Bulls don't trade for the anti-MJ!"
It's like this guy is in my head.

Da Realist:

Many people dislike kobe. Most don't really know why. Many people will cite his philandering (so did magic and mj) or his selfishness (just like many other top pros) or any other characteristic he shares with most athletes. Don't pay attention to the gripes about Colorado -- that's not why people dislike Kobe.

The real reason Kobe is so disliked is because he's a PHONY. In our society, that is one of the worst things you can be. It is better to be a liar or a cheat than to be phony. You have a certain comfort zone with a liar. You know the parameters. A cheat or a control freak, same thing. But there is no comfort zone with a phony.

When he's winning, he threatens to leave because he's not 'the man'. When he's the man, he threatens to leave because he's not winning.

He demands to be traded then plays the victim when Jerry Buss says they'll accomodate him.

He professes to be a leader then wastes no time throwing his teammates under the bus to show his dissatisfaction.

He shoots too much? then he'll take one shot in the second half of game 7 against the phoenix suns then cooly explain that he was just "taking what the suns were giving him". That'll show em.

None of this has anything to do with colorado or any other oft-cited reasons people give as to why they hate Kobe. None of those reasons matter. The real reason is he's a PHONY.

Gangsta D:

Listening to you guys, I'm almost praying that Kobe gets traded to the Bulls. My God, that would be the funniest shit ever. Just to see the blood pour from each of you guy's eyes would be worth it.

So here's my question. Both of you hate Kobe and the Lakers. But if the Lakers show some life and win some games, maybe that makes Kobe less inclined to go through with the trade. So do you cheer for the Lakers to win, or do you still hate?

Da Realist:

There is no way Kobe stays with the Lakers. His feelings have been hurt. No way he forgets being booed.

I'm already preparing myself for Kobe going to Chicago. And that fool is gonna wear 24 (one more than jordan. get it? hardy har-har). Just like he wore #10 for the Olympics (guess who wore #9, nyuck nyuck nyuck). It's so funny i think i'll stab a pencil in my eye.

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