Friday, October 12, 2007

Sheriff Bart Is Smiling In Heaven

So, last year my boy and decided to take a camera to the streets of Buckhead and capture the madness therein. We got a lot of nice footage, but the video below is the coup de gracie. I like to call him the "Sidekick Stud."

Apparently, though, I'm the only person amused by it. I sent it to my homegirl and this is her unedited response:

well for me i am primarily pro black and a feminist an that guy just irritated me in all kind of ways. thats why i didnt like it. he came off as a self hating sexist pig who need to keep his ass in atl because he wouldnt get pussy anywhere else whether black or white

Ouch! I can see her point. But, fuck it. This shit is hilarious to me. It is what it is. If you were offended, sorry. This dude fucking cracks me up. Plus, he dropped a Ghetto Mafia reference. Ghetto Mafia! You gotta love it.

p.s. Here is Episode I, if you were curious.

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