Friday, October 12, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Yours Truly 19-17
Osceola 19-17
Smokey 18-18

G-Tech vs Miami

Gangsta D: long as Kyle doesn't throw 4 picks we should be fine. Tech's defense isn't as intimidating as usual. They've been giving up points lately. I loved out offense in the second half last week. Patrick Nix calling a bomb two plays in a row from the 3 yard line took BALLS. If Kyle takes care of the ball, then our offense will be fine. I'm actually more concerned about the defense. We miss too many tackles, and blow too many assignments in the secondary. Plus our LB depth is hurting. It will be close. I'm sure I'll be cussing up a storm at various times during the game. But I think we EEK this one out.

Da Realist: I think Miami will rebound after that drubbing in chapel hill last week. I've always thought Kyle was a better qb than people think. Maybe a little inconsistent at times, but he has a certain prescence back there. The Canes defense will be motivated and their playing at home. If the Canes has won last week, I would go with the Yellowjackets but I can't see them losing 2 in a row. MIAMI

Waldini: Miami

Auburn vs Arkansas

Gangsta D: What to make of Auburn? They seemed left for dead three weeks ago, now they're on a roll. McFadden is a little dinged up. I don't believe he'll miss the game, but the Hogs need him to go off to win. Alas, I don't think that happens.

Da Realist: I want to pick Arkansas. They are 0-2 and they desperately need a win here to stay alive out west. Auburn's a little banged up defensively and may just be a little full of themselves after knocking off Florida. Oh yeah, they go to LSU next week. Think they're not looking forward to that a little bit? You know what? I think I will pick Arkansas. This is the game McFadden puts the Hogs on his back and carries them to the W. ARKANSAS

Waldini: Arkansas

Mizzou vs OU

Gangsta D: Wow, Missouri appears to be pretty good. They hung 40 on Nebraska. OU still looks to be a talented team, even though they kind of struggled with an overrated Texas team. If this game was in Missouri I'd be tempted to take them. But I don't think they can pull off the upset in Norman.

Da Realist: Oklahoma might just be a little overrated. Their biggest win was against Miami at home and well...maybe that win wasn't as big as we all thought. The Sooners have been giving up tons of yardage in the passing game. Missouri will move the ball and put some points on the board. Will their defense find a way to stop the Sooner offense? I'm picking MISSOURI

Waldini: Sooners


Gangsta D: Hmm...upset special. Kentucky. Just got a gut feeling.
Da Realist: Uh Oh. LSU will finally play against a real like offense. On the road. Kentucky will be ready. The question is...will LSU? They just beat Florida in a very physical and emotional win. Next week they play Auburn. Will they have enough to go to Lexington and beat a fired-up Wildcat team looking for a signature win? I gotta think some more on this one. Maybe I'll read a few articles out of Lexington and Baton Rouge to get the player's mindset. 'The pick' viendra plus tard...

Waldini: Tigers

Da Realist: Many, many minutes later...

Ok.... the LSU/Kentucky pick. (As a sidenote...FSU can't hide anywhere.) The Wildcat fans don't even believe. Normally this wouldn't matter much, but they need as much help as they can get. The Tiger defense will just be too much for Woodson and as long as they don't give up cheap turnovers, I'm picking LSU

Nebraska vs Okie ST

Gangsta D: As the coin flips.......Okie St. Mike Gundy is my second favorite coach.

Da Realist: I'm just not that impressed with Nebraska. The Cowboys are going to run all over that Husker defense and walk out of there with a W. OKLAHOMA STATE

Waldini: Cornhuskers

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