Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up


College Football - No need since we touched on that yesterday :-)

Pro Football - Btw the injuries and the upsets, my fantasy teams took a beating. What is wrong with the vaunted Bears defense? The same for the Ravens? Why isnt anyone praising Crennel like they do Weis since his team is playing way over its shoulders? Are the Steelers now pretender for losing to 'Zona? Are the Chargers back on track? So many questions and a looooonng way to go in the season.

Boxing - I actually watched the Pavlik-Taylor fight and shocked to see Taylor get knocked out. Especially since he beat fast hard hitters like Hopkins and Wright. But everyone usually has some kryptonite opponent in boxing and Taylor just met his. I'm ready for the Mayweather-Hatton countdown.

Soccer - No Hope Solo must have got the "Know your Role, shut your mouth" Speech b/c she was canned for the 3rd place match against Norway. Serves her right and that ridiculous myspace post made her look even more stupid. How can your words be taking out of context when they didnt need to edit your remarks?!?!

Baseball - Ok, ok you got me. I have been paying attention to the playoff chase. Padres @ Rockies 2nite to decide who gets the final spot in the NL and a trip to Philly. Good job Mets for melting down. Does Chicago forgive Bartman now :-). Looking at those matchups, they have just of good as a chance as anyone to go to the WS.

Golf - President's Cup. Did anyone watch? And what is the difference btw this and Ryder Cup? Or did the PC replace the RC? I'm confused :-)

So much happening in the Sports World......

Gangsta D:

Tony Romo is God. No debates. No arguments.

Cleveland should probably be 3-1. But everyone considers it flukey that they're at .500. I'm torn, because I like Cleveland. But the Cowboys have their 1st round draft pick and I've been expecting that to be in the top 5.

Do people realize that the Raiders can win the AFC West? The Chargers appear to be done. The Chiefs and Broncos aren't world beaters. If Daunte leads them to the playoffs, do we have a Brees/Rivers situation again?

The Mets actually pulled off one of the biggest choke jobs in history. Their fans should at least be happy about that. If you're gonna scrub out, might as well make history doing it.


Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys..oh how Gangsta would die in heaven if he were here. Oh the fever has definitely spread throughout the city. Everywhere you, everywhere you look.

Gangsta D:

It's Romo's world. We're all just houseguests. There's still time to climb aboard that bandwagon. But hurry up, cause after we beat the Pats, there will be no more vacancies:)

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