Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Official Top 5

Gangsta D:

1. USC - Withstood penalties, TOs, a frisky Washington team, and came out with a win. Washington is a good team and they beat them in their backyard. No reason for them to fall.

2. LSU - Boy did they come out flat. Definitely looked ahead to the matchup with UF. But they put the hammer down when needed to.

3. Cal - Of course nobody east of Malibu saw this game, but to go into Autzen Stadium and pull out a win is major. There may be something to this team. I believe they have 'SC at home this year. Could be the game of the year.

4. S. Fl - Seem kind of high? Who else would you put here? Ohio St. hasn't played anyone, and Wisconsin can't play defense. The Bulls can definitly play D. They were tagging W. VA all game long. That win over Auburn just got a little better.

5. I'm leaving it blank for now. Someone has to earn their way in.


1. LSU - I'm putting them back at 1. You're right they came out flat but they still won by double digits. How many teams can say that? Are they head and shoulders above everyone else like the experts say. Obviously not after last weekend. If they come out flat against Florida, they will get handled.

2. USC - They struggled with a Huskies team that was up for them. Booty looked ordinary but he's still better than 75% of the QBs in the nation when he's off. Their strength is the running game and they need to focus on that instead of trying to get these young WRs to be the next Dwayne Jarret, Keary Colbert, Micheal Williams or Steve Smith. You got 100 RBs, use them until the opposition cant take it anymore

3. Cal - Good job ABC deciding to regionalize the coverage during the Oregon-Cal game (I got K state-Texas). They continue to do their thing and I too eagerly await the USC game. Desean Jackson broke out of his slump and put on a dazzling display, at least what I saw from the highlights. Wow, I just realized their are two Pac 10 teams in the top 5 and only 1 SEC team. Guess this SEC homer is eating the same crow as Old Man Holtz

4. Ohio St. - They beat the same U Dub team handily that the mighty trojans struggled with. Nobody talks about them b/c they havent beaten anyone nor do they have any major playmakers besides Chris Wells. The Big 10 is down this year so Tressel got lucky during his team's supposed rebuilding year. Looking at their conf rivals, who honestly would scare them: Michigan, Penn St, Wisconsin?!?! They wont go undefeated b/c that's not in OSU's history but I cant figure out who they will choke too. My money's on Michigan as they usually spoil the Buckeyes season

5. South Florida - Auburn on the road, West Virginia at home, yep that gets you in the top 5 I suppose. But tell me this, name me one player on their team :-). I dont even know their coach's name. I dont even know their mascot. I just know they are in Tampa and that's only Tyrone told me that on Friday. When do they play Louisville and Rutgers? Seems to me that's the only thing standing in their way

HONORABLE MENTION: Kentucky b/c they are the only undefeated team in the SEC East and that's crazy to even type that in 2007. Woodson's for real but we'll find about the team when it begins it's divisional games starting Saturday.

Gangsta D:

Yeah I forgot that Ohio ST beat UW in Washington. *****BITTERNESS WARNING***** But I'm still not impressed.

Da Realist:

1. USC -- Holding the spot for now. i can't tell if they are better than LSU or not, but they are getting the benefit of the doubt here.

2. LSU -- If they beat UF next week, they'll be number 1 until they lose.

3. CAL -- How's this for pressure? if they win the games they're supposed to win and then beat usc, they will play for the title. now that i wrote that, they will probably lose to ucla this weekend.

4. S. FLORIDA -- They won at auburn and they beat west virginia. they deserve it.

5. OHIO STATE -- Gotta go with the buckeyes but their season will be made or broken when they play wisconsin, not michigan

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