Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up


- Baseball - The Sox rally from a 3-1 deficit w/Games 6 and 7 being blowouts. They even get a positive ROI in Dice K in Game 7. Realist, you watch this sport more than I do. I only know a handful of Boston players and no one on Colorado's squad. Who's winning this thing?

- College Football - Tenn fulfills their losing prophecy (dbl digit blowout), South Carolina and S. Florida become the latest upset victims, & Miami-Florida put on one of the best games in their series in years. How sad is it when your Punter is your Chevy Scholarship Player of the Game (Fighting Irish)? And do you realize that the Ala-Tenn and Miami-FSU game was reduced to regional coverage??? And that Michigan-Illinios was on PRIME TIME Television?!?!?!

- Pro Football - I almost saw shades of Buffalo-Houston '92 in the Houston-Tennessee game yesterday. Thank goodness My Bironas made his record FG count when it mattered. NE continues to roll. They better pray nothing happens to Brady or Moss b/c if either is injured, it's a wrap. The AFC East's a joke, the NFC East and AFC South are legit and don't look now but the Bears are quietly winning games again

Shockingly, I havent kept up with MLS or NBA so I dont know what's poppin there....

Gangsta D:

Once the Sawx won Game 5, I knew it was a wrap. For some reason, it reminded me of an NBA playoff series from last year:) The only way I can talk about baseball is to relate it to NBA terms. The Rockies have won 21-22 and will have a 9 day layoff. Very similar to the Lakers of '01 who won 20 straight and had a long layoff before the Finals. If the Rockies can shake off the rust of game 1, they can win. 21-22 isn't a fluke.

Finally we get a Miami-FSU matchup with some scoring. I still can't believe Kirby actually outplayed someone in crunch time. When Kyle didn't come back for the 2nd half, I thought it was a wrap. But I gotta give him credit, he came through in the clutch. UF beat UK, but at least Tebow got hurt:) Yeah I know that was mean, but that's just how I'm living right now. Notre Dame is horrible. Weis should be fired. His offense is nonexistent and he's had FOUR of his own recruits transfer this year. Something is rotten in Denmark, and it closely resembles Tweedle Dee.

My 'Boys were uninspired vs the Vikings, but at least we held Peterson in check. The defense can shut down anyone except for Tom Brady, apparently. The Dolphins and Rams may combine for 25+ losses. That's crazy. I'm surprised no coach has been fired yet, but I bet there are several before Thanksgiving.

Da Realist:

Bobby must go.

Gangsta D:

Very concise wrap up of the weekend Bitterman:) But you and I know that he isn't going anywhere. My question is how bad does it get? He woke up to a "For Sale" sign in his front yard. How nasty will the unrest get?

Da Realist:

He's going nowhere. FSU is living in the past. We're the new Alabama Crimson Tide. What's scary is...even if he retires, his fingerprints will still be all over the program. He wants to be a deity at FSU. He just doesn't have it anymore.

In fact, his "system" has always been predicated on having superior athletes. It's not that complicated. When he matches up with a team of comparable talent (i.e. miami), he loses the closely fought games. Think about it...FSU usually wins the games where there is no doubt we are the better team. That's why most of our victories over Miami are blowouts. Miami usually wins the games where they are decided favorites and also the games where we are evenly matched. Generally speaking.

Saturday's game hurt, but it didn't hurt. Let's just say I had a feeling we would cough up the game, but to lose to a Miami team that didn't even play that well...that part did sting a little bit.

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