Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Official Top 5

Gangsta D:

Does it even matter anymore? I mean, really? We all know that BC will lose. Michigan is more than capable of beating OSU with a healthy Hart and Henne. Only God knows who's going to BCS Bowls. I won't count anyone out.

1. LSU - Just because no one is sure if Les has balls the size of a sperm whale or brains the size of a tit mouse. There hasn't been a ruling on that yet, has there?

2. Oregon - They look downright nasty on offense. Defense is sieve-like, but Dennis Dixon appears to be the truth

3. OSU - Because they're undefeated and I guess they belong in the top 5.

4. OU - They have a loss, but have more impressive wins than BC.

5. BC - Because they're undefeated and I guess they belong in the top 5.


1. LSU - If they played any of the teams in the top 5 right now, they beat 'em.

2. Ohio St - same reasons as Gangsta's. Even if they make it through the regular season undefeated, they still will lose in the BCS

3. BC - again same reasons as Gangsta's

4. Oregon - Even though they would lose to LSU, I think they're the one team (when at full strength) that would give LSU a run for their money. That loss to Cal is looking worse and worse as the reason rolls on

5. OU - B/c I have no choice. I'm not sold on them at all. the Big 12 is a joke. Now watch OU go out and embarrass one of the big money teams in the bowl game this year :-)

This is the wackiest, zaniest, craziest whatever you want to call it season ever in football. Never have teams risen and fallen so fast in a single bound. Teams win games they shouldn't (App St, Stan, Vandy, Tenn) and lose games they shouldnt (South Cack, Clemson, Texas, Cal). I absolutely love it. I wonder if people would reconsider a playoff system

Da Realist:

1. LSU -- I could ride or die with his go-for-broke attitude. I like that swashbuckling style. Contrary to what everyone has heard, LSU made a smart play going for the td in the last game. They still would have had time to kick a fg.

2. We're so bad we can't even beat a bad miami team at home

3. that gave us 3 or 4 turnovers

4. It's past time

5. for Bobby to go

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