Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up


Baseball: After supposedly fighting a curse for a million years, the Red Sox win their 2nd title in 4 yrs. I guess the Rockies were not like the '01 Lakers after all. I can bank on Sports Guy writing a 50 page article on how his precious Sox have fulfilled his life's destiny. I dont know about you but it's starting to feel like the 80s w/Boston when you pretty much hated on every team they brought out. Red Sox won it, Patriots look like they will win it, Celtics are a contender, and Boston College is undefeated.....the world is very upside down

College Football: The wacky week continues as Kentucky loses at home to the now bowl eligible Miss St bulldogs (eat a dick Croom haters). Florida went from contender to pretender, Nebraska choked big time, Kansas continues to shock and awe (I still dont know anyone on their team), Ohio St continues to surprise me, USC just punched their ticket to the Holiday Bowl, and Erickson is working his college magic in Arizona St. Oh yea, usually I support my black coaches but damn Dorrell you are fucking it up for everyone. How in the hell you beat Cal and then lose to wack ass Wash St?!?! Oh and did you see the Div III lateral play? Fantastic

Pro Football: Say goodbye to the 1 pass defense Redskins. A man named Brady just went old school Tecmo Bowl on ya asses. I think Tommie Harris wants to take back his comments on the Lions (you do realize they are a playoff team as of now). Don't look now but New Orleans and San Diego (both preseason SB picks) are starting to make their move. I dont know about you but I'm geeked for next week's Colts-Pats showdown

Pro Basketball: The regular season kicks off Tues and there's drama galore. Will Kobe be traded? Will the Cavs' bench players play this year? Can Gilbert recover from last year's injury? Ditto for Flash Wade? Will 'Zeke keep his job? Is this the year the Suns and Mavs breakthrough? so many more questions but a long long season ahead. Oh yea that NBA on ESPN commercial w/the Celtics' Big 3 and Van Gundy is hilarious

MLS: I know you don't care but so what, I'ma still talk about it. The playoffs have kicked off and both Texas teams (Dynamo and FC Dallas) are representing. All that $$$ for Beckham and the Galaxy still dont make the playoffs. Bring back Cobi Jones!

That's all I got for now

Gangsta D:

Actually Miss St. is one game from being bowl eligible. But all they have to do is beat Ole Miss, which shouldn't be very hard. But I will second that Croom haters should devour phallus.

Lately, I've refused to read anything Simmons writes that has "Boston" in the lede. I'm not a Simmons hater but he's been pretty insufferable when it comes to Bahstin, lately. You know I'm pulling hard for the Colts next week.

It warmed my heart to see the Dawgs take it to the Gators. I loved the coach-approved celebration. Looks like Richt hasn't totally forgotten about his Miami roots. Nevertheless, if Miami HAD have done that there would be a shitstorm bigger than Katrina, Hugo, and Andrew combined. At any rate, any time Tebow is reduced to (near)tears I'm a happy camper.

This NBA season is gonna be entertaining, but probably for all the wrong reasons. The Lakers, as usual, will be the epicenter of much drama. Hooray Beer! lol

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