Friday, October 26, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?


Me 29-19
Osceola 24-24
Smokey 22-26

USC vs Oregon

Gangsta D: Autzen Stadium will be a madhouse. The Ducks will be geeked. USC is not "USC" this year. They're just not as explosive on offense. The defense appears to be pretty good, and they will get tested by Dennis Dixon. I'm gonna go with the Ducks, based on the home crowd and QB experience. Sanchez went off against ND, but I could go 15-28/200/3 against ND. Ducks hang a number on the Trojans.

Waldini & Da Realist: Oregon

WVA vs Rutgers

Gangsta D: Well Rutgers is coming off a big win, and they've had two extra days to prepare. WVA has sort of hung around under the radar since laying an egg at S. Florida. I think we might see about 450 combined rushing yards between the two teams, cause Ray Rice is gonna get it about 35 times. Rutgers' defense is pretty stout, but I think the Mountaineers pull this one out.

Waldini & Da Realist: Rutgers


Gangsta D: "He's cut! He's cut! The Russian's cut!" Well Tebow has a bad wing and has been limited in practice this week. But I hear that UF will not change their gameplan. Which means that he's gonna run 15-20 times. I thought Urban loved Timmeh. He's gonna get the boy killed. Teebo gets all the hype, but his receivers make the engine hum. They're just too fast and shifty for the Dawgs. If UGA's RB depth weren't in the shitter, they'd have a shot at wearing the Gator defensive front down. But one RB and a still inconsistent Stafford isn't gonna be enough to do it. I HOPE I'm wrong, but the Gators win another one.

Waldini & Da Realist: UF

SCack vs UT

Gangsta D: No freaking idea. None. The Cocks laid an egg the size of an elephant shit pile last week. The Vols showed up in the 1st Qtr then decided to take the rest of the game off. Explosive offenses hurt UT. The Cocks are not fortunate enough to have anything comarable to an explosive offense; maybe explosive diarrhea. Somehow Phil finds a way to stick to Spurrier. Of course, this will probably be the game that the Cocks score 40. Can't figure these teams out.
Waldini & Da Realist: UT

Cal vs ASU

Gangsta D: ASU took our OC from last year, Rich Olson, and paired him up with Dennis Erickson. The two held the same positions at Miami in the early 90's. At the time I thought that it would probably work out. Didn't think ASU would be undefeated and in the top 5 though. I haven't seen them play but since they're undefeated, they must be good right? Cal, on the other hand, has lost two in a row. I doubt they can go on the road and break that slump. I'm going with the former 'Canes in this one.
Waldini & Da Realsit: Cal

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