Sunday, October 14, 2007

Who The Hell Knows?


- Kentucky knocks off a #1 team at home for the first time since our parents were in high school. And I'm officially scared of my boys defending Woodson. Please tell me they get these guys at home

- Oregon St, which was obliterated last week, goes into Cal and beats them at home. Side note: good job freshman for scrambling with 14 secs left and not getting out of bounds. If there ever was a Charlie Brown You blockhead moment, that was it

- Thanks Cincinatti and Conneticut for playing our UNBEATENS game. We have some lovely parting gifts in the back

- The highest ranked SEC team will be South Carolina. The last time they were this high, was 1987 aka the Black Magic Season. Shoot for that matter, Kentucky and Carolina are both ahead of Georgia, Florida, and Tennessee in the SEC East Standings. Maybe I should go on suicide watch, lol

- Congratulations Dennis Franchione. You were a loser at Alabama and left the cupboard bare. You trick Texas A&M into giving you a job and you routinely screw that up. Now the school publicly gets in your koolaid and you lose to mid-tier Texas Tech for the 5th yr in a row. See ya at the unemployment line in Dec

- The Kansas Jayhawks are 6-0. Wait a minute, this isnt basketball we're talking about?!?!?

- Give it up Fighting Irish fans. There is no silver lining. You guys will be bowless AGAIN and you won't have Willingham to point the finger at. You can talk about Weis being an offensive genius all you want but if you want more bang for the buck, I take Richt, Spurrier, Meyer, (yada yada yada) before him

- You do realize South Florida, which has only been playing football since '97, will be ranked #2 when the new polls are released? Not Florida, Not Miami, Not Florida State but Tampa's own South Florida.

I asked for 2007 to be better than 2005 and VAN DAMME, it's been outta control. You have 4 monumental upsets, no clear cut favorite for the title and a whole lot of uncertainty about who's better after 7 weeks of football.

Gangsta D:

I can't call it. For all I know, South Cack is gonna play BC in the BCS bowl. This is the craziest season ever. But is that a good thing? Who knows. I just know that ANYTHING is possible. You could tell me that the Cocks are gonna blow the Gators out by 30, and I wouldn't think twice.

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