Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who Ya Got?!? (Thursday)

Picks Update:

Winner 28-19
Loser #1 23-24
Loser #2 22-25

Waldini: I see someone is feeling himself :-)

BC vs V Tech

Gangsta D: I don't really have a lot of confidence in either of these teams. Tech lost their only test of the year, to LSU in big fashion. BC hasn't really played anyone, and they only beat ND by 13. Tyrod Taylor may or may not play for the Hokies. Sean Glennon is not an upgrade. Tech's defense is pretty stout against the run, but Matt Ryan is gonna put it up 40 times. BC isn't used to big games, and we've seen how teams unaccostumed to the spotlight have done this year. Lane Stadium is a tough place to play. But, I don't think the Hokies have enough offense to get it done. Tech's defense holds the score down, but BC scores just enough to win.

Waldini: Hokies only b/c I have to get back in this game.

Da Realist: I don't believe the "Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium" hype anymore. VT can't score and Brandon Ore has been slowed by several teams. They'll need turnovers and help from their sp. teams and defense to win it. A good QB can find holes in the Hokie D. BC is trying to prove themselves on a national stage. BOSTON COLLEGE

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