Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Bet You Won't Hit A Mutha...

Hmm. I'm not sure what to make of this video. Apparently two dudes are getting down in the parking lot, not in a homosexual way, of some club. Security swoops in and breaks it up, sending the participants on their merry way. Now, the end is where things get interesting. A young Latin dude rolls up on a car that appears to have Rick Fox in the driver's seat, and he is rather miffed that "the dude in the white lost." The audio is shitty, but it seems like Rick says that he owes the Latin fellow "20." But the Latin dude, cognizant of the camera perhaps, says that they can't gamble. And Rick agrees with him. Then I imagine someone tells the cameraman to stop recording, and Rick pays the man in full.

If you want to scroll through the video, go directly to vidmax.com

I assume gambling on street fights is illegal. Are the fights set up? Is it just a random thing like "Oh shit they gonna fight? I got 20 on dude in the white." Sounds like Rick said that you can't bet on random fights before it cut off. Is this the new dogfighting? Is this kind of thing prevalent? What won't athletes bet on?

(Hat tip: Drunken Stepfather Usually NSFW)


Jarrett Carter said...

Doesn't Rick Fox have something better to do?

Like make a guest appearance on "Girlfriends" or something?

Gangsta D said...

Actually, he's been on Ugly Betty this year. But what would you rather do? Hang around your ex-wife or bet on illegal street fights with potentially shady characters? Not a hard decision really.

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