Friday, October 05, 2007

Who You Got?!?


Yours truly 17-14
Osceola 17-14
Smokey 15-16

Gangsta D:

Woodson is a punk!

Da Realist:

Not only do i agree with Gangsta's picks, I agree with his reasoning. No need to repeat what's already been said.

Ill vs Wisc

Gangsta D: Illinois is a 2.5 point favorite AT Wisconsin!! What hath Zook wrought? I'm not totally sold on Illinois yet. Aurellious Benn appears to be the truth. Juice Willimas is making plays. But I still haven't seen too much of them. The Badgers have a pretty potent offense, but their defense is HORRRRIBLE. They let the Citadel go off on them. Michigan ST could've won last week. But I don't think Illinois has the minerals to waltz into Camp Randall and pull it off. Of course, I would've said the same about Colorado last week. Nevertheless, I'm going with the home team.

Waldini: Badgers

Da Realist: Wisconsin


Gangsta D: Sorry Smokey, but the dogs have no fear of Neyland Stadium, as they haven't lost their since the last century. UT's defense is mad suspect, and the dogs have a potentially explosive running tandem with Thomas Brown and Knowshon Moreno. As long as the Kegmaster doesn't throw off his back foot into coverage, the dogs should come out on top. The defense may be suspect, but the Vols don't have anyone on offense that scares me.

Waldini: Vols

Da Realist: UGA (Is fulmer routinely being outcoached and outrecruited? It looks like UT may be about to go through the same kind of swoon as FSU is trying to get out of. It may be time to bring in a fresh face)

Va Tech vs Clemson

Gangsta D: Yep, we all picked Clemson to win last week knowing full well that a loss could signal their tradional mid-season swoon. Well, do the Tigers rebound or do they slip further into the morass? Tech doesn't impress me at all. I suppose they're defense is still legit, but Brandon Ore has been disappointing and they're starting a true Freshman at QB. The game is at Death Valley, and I just can't see a true freshman pulling that out. The Tigers win in spit of Tommy.

Waldini: Tigers

Da Realist: At tiger stadium. At night. CLEMSON

OU vs Texas

Gangsta D: Even though both were upset last week, OU is leaps and bounds ahead of Texas. The 'Horns have been overrated all season. Maybe the Sooners have been too, but they're still a much better team than texas. Couple that with Colt McCoy being gimpy, I gotta go with the Sooners.

Waldini: Sooners

Da Realist: OU is simply the better team plus they've lost the last two. OU


Gangsta D: Florida losing last week, worries me a little. I was predicting a double digit beatdown before the Auburn game, but now I'm not so sure it'll be that bad. Urban will have them ready to play. But, Aubrun gave the blueprint on how to contain Florida and LSU's defense is much better than Auburn. Tebow will not add to his heisman resume with this game. A night game at LSU is almost certified death for an opponent.

Waldini: Tigers

Da Realist: At tiger stadium. At night. LSU (closer than the experts think)

Notre Dame Suicide Watch

Gangsta D: The noose gets even tighter this week. UCLA is going to want revenge for last year's last minute collapse. Oh, and yeah, UCLA is also a much better team. Irish go to 0-6.

Waldini: Irish fall to 0-6

Da Realist: Y'all wrong for this. UCLA

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