Monday, October 08, 2007

Yellow Fever

When a white guy sees an attractive white chick, he might say, "That chick is hot!" When a black guy sees an attractive black chick, he might say, "That is a dope ass light-skinned chick." Huh?

The HCIC and I have this running dialogue where she accuses me of not liking brown/dark skinned black people, and I accuse her of not liking light skinned black people. Sound crazy? Well, black people are more preoccupied with color than you think. I have a homegirl who will NOT date light skinned guys. I know guys who only likes brown skinned chicks. Somehow, it has something to do with slavery. Doesn't it always? I kid.

So in my efforts to bring us together, not unlike Dr. King, I will begin highlighting black women of various shades in order to show that we are all beautiful no matter how light or dark our skin may be. Not buying it? OK, I like putting up pics of really attractive women. Sue me.

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