Friday, October 19, 2007

Who You Got?!?

Moi 23-18
Osceola 20-21
Smokey 19-22

Da Realist: I'm surprised you didn't choose USC at Notre Date. In honor of that game, here's a funny ass clip right here . lmao...

Miami vs FSU

Gangsta D: Yeah, I don't really know what to make of this team. We can look very good, then we can look very bad. We're mediocre. There always seems to be a brightspot, that is quickly replaced by an eclipse. I have no idea which team will show up. We've been plagued by injuries. Our D-tackle depth is hurting as well as LB. Antone Smith may find some running room. But our DE's are stout, so we may be able to keep Xavier in the pocket. FSU has a tough run defense, so it may be up to Kyle. Ugh. Kyle, as usual, has been a mixed bag this year. I thought he had progressed but then came the 4 INTs at UNC and, that was that. I really have no idea how this game will go. Both teams have MPD, and have yet to play up to their full potential. Obviously I'm going with the Canes, but who knows what will happen.

Da Realist: I may be the only person outside of Florida that's gonna record the game. they both suck, but it's still Miami at Florida State. In the best of times or the worst, these two teams always seem to mirror each other. Unfortunately, this year that means inept offenses, strong defenses, mistakes, penalties and mediocrity. FSU cannot run the ball. Miami is quick enough to keep Xavier (who doesn't like to run anyway) from getting any significant yards with his legs and those jump balls he likes to throw may get intercepted more often this week. I want to pick FSU, but i have a very hard time seeing miami losing 3 games in a row for the season and also 3 games in a row in the series (when the talent level has been so even). The Canes make just enough first downs to wear down that nasty FSU defense and FSU probably coughs it up a couple of times. MIAMI

Waldini: I hope for the sake of college football, the state of Florida, and both of you that these two powerhouses figure out how to restore luster to this game. I think Xavier finds a way not to make mistakes and ultimately get his 'Noles the W. SEMINOLES

Auburn vs LSU

Gangsta D: Apparently Auburn has righted the ship, even though they really didn't look that good last week. LSU is coming off of two hard fought games in a row, but there is no rest for the weary in the SEC. I can't believe people still think the SEC is overrated. I think Auburn has a chance, due to the emotional toll the Tigers have weathered the last two weeks. But, LSU is far too talented to lose to this Auburn team at home. It's a close one though.

Da Realist: Who ARE the auburn tigers? If they are the team that lost to Mississippi State at home, then LSU will destroy them. If they are the team that beat Florida then they have a good shot at beating lsu. The last 3 games have been low-scoring, defensive battles that weren't decided until the final moments. This game will be the same way. Auburn won't be intimidated about walking into tiger stadium. They have the defense to frustrate LSU (they held Ark to 67 rushing yards last week), but they just can't score. Auburn will have to win by field position, field goals and hope LSU falters in the kicking game and coughs up a couple of turnovers. In a defensive slugfest between two physical teams, I like AUBURN

Waldini: It would be easy to say LSU but Auburn is the best Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde team. You never know which squad is going to show up. Their kicker has moxy and it was funny as hell to see him doing the Gator chomp when they won in Gainesville. But LSU is pretty po'ed about losing last week and they got a nice gift from Rutgers last night. You dont think they are motivated to open up a can of whup a$$? TIGERS (LSU)

UT vs Bama

Gangsta D: What to make of the volunteers? Get smoked by Cal and UF, but then look like world beaters against UGA. The bloom appears to be off the rose in Tuscaloosa. The Tide hasn't been knocking people's socks off lately. But, they are at home and I still don't trust the Volunteers. Too helter skelter for me. Bama by a smidge.

Da Realist: Bryant-Denny stadium will be rocking for this one. Tennessee proved something last week (at home), but they don't bring it every single week. The tide haven't played well lately but will want to use this game to springboard the rest of their season. They'll win by 3. ALABAMA

Waldini: Both these teams also doing a good job of not knowing which team you are going to get each week. Check Tenn's W-L record. When they win, it's by double digits. When they lose, it's by double digits. Alabama has been going through identity crisises trying to figure out if they want to be SEC contenders or pretenders. I got TENN on the road

Michigan vs Illinois

Gangsta D: Well, it really depends on how healthy Mike Hart is. If he can go, and I mean really go, then the Wolverines will win big. I think the Illini proved last week that they weren't ready for primetime. If Hart is gimpy, I still think Michigan wins, but it's by a FG or less. Illinois will be sick next year, but they're just not ready to be good this year.

Da Realist: This is screaming trap game. Michigan is feeling good about themselves after dismantling Purdue last week. Illinois lost to a bad Iowa team last week. Looking ahead? The game's in Champaigne, the expectations are with Michigan AND Hart is hurt. ILLINOIS

another hard one to call. Is Hart going to play? Will Juice rebound from a bad loss? Will Henne still quietly get it done? I think the wolverines are marching back up the Big 10 ladder - WOLVERINES

UF vs UK

Gangsta D: Florida loses its 3rd in a row. It will be a shootout. But Woodson, along with the home crowd, get it done. The gators have had two weeks to think about their losing streak. They come out fired up, but Woodson will have a GIGANTIC chip on his shoulder. 45-41 Wildcats.

Da Realist: Waldini, are you paying attention? D just gave us a gift. Only someone leading by 3 would throw us a bone like this. Florida has lost 2 in a row, they have had 2 weeks off, and Kentucky just came off an emotional TRIPLE overtime win over LSU last week. You don't pick against a good coach that has had 2 weeks to prepare and you don't pick against a good team that has had to stew over a losing streak for 2 weeks straight. FLORIDA

Waldini: GATORS for the same reasons Realist mentioned

K State vs OK State

Gangsta D: I'm riding with Mike Gundy until the wheels come off.

Da Realist: I'm rolling with Kansas State. can't get that beatdown of texas out of my head. KANSAS STATE


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