Friday, October 19, 2007

Old School Friday - It's A Group Thing

Cause everything is better when done with a group, right? Right? At any rate, it's good to be back in the saddle again. Nuff respect to SML for holding it down last week. This week we got a little group action going. A nice eclectic mix, if you will. Hope you enjoy. As always, drink a lot and act responsible this weekend.

EPMD - You Gotz To Chill

"Never sweatin' ya girl. Why P? Cause she's a skeezoid." Why don't we talk like that anymore? I love late 80's slang. Get the bozack! Fuck it. I'm gonna start calling women of ill-repute, skeezoids henceforth. Deal with it. E and Parrish have shown us the way.

Run DMC - Run's House

"This is my motherfucking house!"
Why use such language Pastor? Oh, he wasn't Reverend Run then? Gotcha. Anyhoo, this is a classic Run-DMC joint. R.I.P Jam Master Jay.

p.s. What are the odds of "Krush Groove" getting remade? Starring Outkast(Run-DMC), with Alicia keys(Sheila E.), Jamie Foxx(Blair Underwood), 50(Kurtis Blow), and Suge(JB). You wouldn't pay to see that?

Black Moon - Buck 'Em Down

"When the east is in the house (Oh My God) Danger!" Back in college, my boy Omar had an unhealthy obsession with "Enta Da Stage." He loved his 300z and his "Enta Da Stage" cassette more than his mom, God, and apple pie. I'm not quite that devoted, but the album was dope. Buckshot definitely ripped this one.

Geto Boys - Gangsta Put Me Down

I admit it. The first time I ever saw this video was about 15 minutes ago, but I had to put it in. Any time the Geto Boys give you a shout out in a song title, you pay due respect. Anyway, check out the cameo from one of Houston's finest. It's sort of like Biggie making a cameo in a Craig Mack video. Shit changes quickly. My only regret, though, is Bushwick sitting this album out. Sometimes you just need a homicidal/suicidal midget running around, fucking shit up. Keeps things loose.

New Edition - N.E. Heartbreak (Remix)

"Is it me she wants, or is it the fame?" Wish I had that problem. Couple of observations. 1.)Johnny Gill was not brought into the group because of his dancing proficiency. 2.)Present day acts should look at old NE videos to get an idea of true showmanship. Grabbing your dick on stage and dry humping the air does not make you a showman. 3.)"Theo" actually directed videos back in the day. For some reason that cracks me up.

Fugees - Ready Or Not

"Frontin' niggas give me heebie jeebies." So true, L-Boogie. So true. But why is it that you're giving me the heebie jeebies now? Anyway, this is the joint that actually got me to care about the Fugeez. Like I said before, I was emotionally scarred by "Mona Lisa." But this groove is so dope. Lauryn rips it, and Pras doesn't totally suck. I had no choice but to fall in line.

TLC - No Scrubs

I love TLC because they always represented ATL to the fullest. They'd always break out into some booty shake whenever they performed on awards shows. I loved that. Wanna know what else I loved? Chilly. My God was she FINE or what in this video! I have no idea why Dallas Austin and Usher to let her get away. Maybe she was high maintenance. But some shit, you just gotta deal with.

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