Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rogue's Gallery: Fat Shaq, Evil Kobe, & "Souless" John Paxon

Gangsta D:

You know I'm smiling. We may only be .500, but at least we're not winless. Sorry, Realist:)

How awesome would that be to have Riley bench someone with the ego and star power of Shaq as a punishment for picking up too many fouls? And if this did actually happen, would this count as one of the 12 games off that Riley offered to give Shaq if he was healthy for 70? I need some clarification on this. Either way, the Heat are a complete disaster right now, and I'm not sure that even the return of Dwyane Wade will be enough to get things totally straightened out.

Da Realist:

Here's the problem. Shaq has fossilized. Everyone should have sold their house and got out of town after that fluke championship a couple of years ago. Riley should have retired. Shaq should have retired. Payton should have retired. Walker and Jwill should have followed the wind somewhere. That team was garbage and it won on wade's back against a soft-hearted team that just wasn't ready for big time.

Riley is stirring it up again. He's not blind. He knows Shaq is at the end of the rope. Why criticize him now? You knew what you were getting when you decided to come back. His act is gonna wear thin again and then he'll disappear. But he should have left AFTER THE TITLE.

I should be a consultant. what am i doing sitting at this desk. I could make good money convincing people to listen to their common sense.

Bobby Bowden? Please retire. You're ruining your legacy.

Pat Riley? You just won a fluke championship. Retire on top before everyone else figures it out.

Shaq? C'mon. You avg'd 9 points a game against Dallas. You were once a 40 and 20 man. don't do it. 4 titles is nothing to sneeze at. Move to LA and rub it in everyone's face.

Phil jackson? Might want to look at an exit strategy. This could get ugly. Again.

Doc Rivers? Have your agent stay in contact with TNT or ESPN. When the Cetics fail, guess who will be the fall guy.

I'm in the wrong business.

Gangsta D:

Interesting points. What advice would you give John Paxson?

Da Realist:

There was an old show back in the 80's that i used to love called, "Friday the 13th: The Series". It was about cursed objects that gave the owner instant gratification in exchange of his/her soul. It never ended well for the owner.

My advice to John Paxson: Don't sell your soul for instant gratification. Sure Kobe could get us much farther than we've been getting in the pathetic east , but at what price? Even the LAKERS are tiring of him. Don't do it.

Gangsta D:

Wow. Friday the 13th: The Series. That might be the analogy of the year.

When do the Lakers play IN Chicago? My dream is scenario is this:

The lakers are playing well, not gangbusters, but a top 6 seed. The Bulls are struggling around .500 in danger of missing the playoffs. Kobe comes to town and absolutely LIGHTS up the Bulls for 40 or 50 and the Lakers win by 20. As Kobe walks off the court, the Bulls fans start
chanting "KOBE! KOBE! KOBE!" or "WE WANT KOBE! WE WANT KOBE!" If that were to happen? Dude, the Lakers could trade Kobe to whoever, 5 minutes after the game, and I would be straight. Just the thought of you and G-Nice having to witness that and swallow it, would be worth it for me. Now THAT is hate:)


stopmikelupica said...

I remember Friday the 13th: The Series. Had nothing to do with Jason or campers getting stabbed. It took me weeks to move past that.

John Paxson should look at his fingers, at those nice rings on his fingers, and realize what he needs to do. Namely get Kobe to Chicago before it's too late to save his job. Oh, and fire Skiles. That dude is overrated.

Gangsta D said...

Oh man, you talking heresy now. If Realist didn't have a wife and kid, he would probably set himself on fire 2 mins after Kobe became a Bull:)