Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Recap


College Football - Another week and another high ranking team (Boston College) goes down. Kansas continues to roll and despite handing Nebraska one of their worst beatdowns ever, the polls still have the Sooners ranked higher. ND's nightmare continues as Navy ends a looooong losing streak. LSU is hanging by a thread and they will get beat if they continue to screw around with inferior opponents. And what the hell is going on with Jamaal Charles??! Back to back games (well really 4Qs)
where he goes off and rallies his team.

Pro Football - The "new" game of century was actually pretty hype. I only caught the 2nd half but the 4Q was the only quarter that mattered anyway. I still think the Pats defense is weak. The Saints continue to climb back into the playoff chase, AP officially became my target for next year's fantasy draft, and people need to stop sleeping on the Browns' offense.

Pro Baseball - A week has gone by and folks are tripping on A-Rod's supposedly ill-timed opt out announcement. I've got a question...WHO CARES?? In an era marked by juicing (McGwire, Giambi, etc), ridiculous spending (Yankees, Red Sox), and escalating baseball prices, what difference does it make. Funny, someone said he was destroying the integrity of the game. Get yours A-rod, even though you will choke when it matters....and the Barry Bonds boycott watch is officially on

Pro Basketball - Too early to tell anything so I do not put a lot of stock in any of these games. I did check out the NBA free preview of League pass and that confirmed I don't want it :-). Kinda hard to get pumped up to watch the Heat-Bobcats. Oh did you peep Phil's clowning of Mike D'Antoni on Friday. Classic Zen Master

Gangsta D:

I put our loss squarely on Coker's shoulders, and I'm not one of those "Everything's Coker's Fault" guys. But he left us with only two scholarship QBs, one of whom can't COMPLETE A FUCKIN' PASS!!! If Kyle had started, we wouldv'e won going away. No doubt he would've made his share of bonehead plays, but he also would've complete MORE THAN ONE PASS!! But I'm not bitter at all.

Kansas, essentially, called Ryder and gave them directions to Bill callahan's house. I haven't seen a beatdown like that since Penny got burned by an iron. Charlie Weis is a massive fuckhead. Going for it on 4th and 8? Very smart idea, Chuck. LSU probably should've lost that game, but they find ways to pull it out. Nevertheless, I can't say they're the best team in the country anymore. Too many mistakes.

How 'Bout Them Cowboys. Nice critical beatdown of the Iggles. Do NOT sleep on the Cleveland Steamer. That offense is crucial. Defense sucks, but they can score on just about anyone. The Pats can be beaten. The Colts should've beaten them. They should've been up 14-0 in the 1st qtr, but a lack of playmakers on the outside killed momentum. I'm really starting to hate everything Boston.

Boy, the Bulls are 0-3 and are in an offensive funk. Looks like they could use some help, huh?

The Lakers look like an actual team. I watch with guarded optimism. I don't want to put too much heart into cheering just to see them start scrubbing out, or see Kobe get traded. As it stands now, they move the ball, rebound, play defense, and hustle. That's really all I can ask for.

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