Friday, November 02, 2007

Who Ya Got?!?

Winner 33-21
Loser #1 27-27
Loser #2 25-29

Waldini: This sucks b/c I'm basically agreeing with Studio Gangsta on his picks.

Gangsta D: Yes, but you'll move into a tie for 2nd place. No way Super Fan #99 gains three games on me in one week. No. Effing. Way! Lol


Gangsta D: I looked at Weatherford's numbers. Five TDs and 1 pick isn't bad. He's just not a playmaker. Maybe the team rallies around him, due to Xavier's suspension. Yeah, probably not. BC in a rout.

Da Realist: FSU plays well defensively and will find a way to get to Matt Ryan but the offense is horrible right now. BC

Waldini: BC because I dont think FSU can duplicate last week's offensive accomplishments in back to back games. I still BC is not going to go undefeated but they're not losing this week. BC

Wisc vs Ohio St

Gangsta D: Wisconsin has no D, but do have a pretty potent offense. I suppose the Buckeyes are good, since they're undefeated, but I've paid zero attention to them this year. I do know that Robiskie is going off. If he's going off, then 'Sconsin won't be able to stop it. At home, odds are good that he will go off. Buckeyes stomp a mudhole.

Da Realist: Wisconsin's PJ Hill has a bum wheel. Ohio State will make them one-dimensional and score an easy W. OHIO STATE

Waldini: Buckeyes. Animal Jr and the rest of that defense has been putting a hurt on Big 10 foes. I don't see them getting tested until they play a rejuvenated Michigan team at the end of this month. OSU

UT vs Okie St

Gangsta D: Nebraska sucks monkey balls. Yet Texas was down double digits in the 2nd half. Thanks to a ridiculous 4th qtr by Jamaal Charles, the 'Horns pulled it out. Mike Gundy is a ridah. He will have the Cowboys ready to play. Texas has showed me ZERO this year. The Cowboys knock Colt McCoy out of the game, and take it to the 'Horns.

Da Realist: UT hasn't been impressive. They should have lost to UCF. Okie State will run all over Texas. OKLAHOMA STATE

Waldini: Coin flip time b/c I dont know enough about the Cowboys besides their coach getting mad. Heads on UT, Tails on Okie St. TAILS! Okie St.

ASU vs Oregon

Gangsta D: Apparently, ASU has a stingy run defense. Oregon has a nasty run offense. Something's gotta give! If Dennis Dixon can throw the ball effectively and not make mistakes, the Ducks entire offensive playbook will be opened up. However, if he makes mistakes like in the Cal game, the Sun Devils will take it. This is actually a pick 'em for me. I really don't have a strong feeling either way. But when in doubt, go with the home team with the ridiculous home field advantage. So the Ducks it is.

Da Realist: This is a pick-em for me too. I stayed up till 2am last saturday to watch ASU beat down Cal. I'll roll with them for that. ASU

Waldini: Thanks goodness the Mousketeers worked a last min deal to get the game on ESPN, well at least for those East of Nevada. ASU proved some things to me last week but I still like Oregon. Especially in Autzen stadium. Oregon

LSU vs Bama

Gangsta D: Ahh...enmity, spite, hate, vengeance, piss, vinegar, and distaste. I got a feeling there are gonna be more than one personal fouls. Let a team try to pull a "Georgia" and see what happens. That being said, I'm not sure which Bama team shows up. The one that demolished the Vols, or the one that couldn't complete a pass against FSU. Glenn Dorsey will be gimpy, if he does play. Matt Flynn still bothers me in spots. But, you can't expect John parker Wilson to throw for 340+ yds two games in a row can you? It's a low scoring slugfest, but I think LSU grits it out in the end.

Da Realist: All the pressure's on LSU. Everyone knows they're more talented. Everyone knows Les Miles wants this game badly. Maybe too much. Alabama has some playmakers I'm not sure LSU can deal with for a whole game, provided they can keep JPK upright. If the Tide keep a balanced attack, they find a way to beat LSU. ALABAMA

Waldini: I really wish this was being played at Death Valley stadium just so I could hear the Nick Satan chants on TV. It took a phenomenal performance by Andre Woodson and some mishaps by the LSU offense PLUS triple OT for LSU to lose. I dont have enough faith in John Parker Wilson to put my money on Alabama. LSU

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