Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Weekend Wrap Up


Usually I talk about other teams but this week it's about who Waldini watches :-)

CFB - My Vols control their own destiny in the East. Yea Gawga is ranked higher but we own the tiebreaker thanks to the ass whuppin we gave them in Oct. Of course I expect Fulmer to choke to either UK or Vandy. Even if they beat them, they will get served in the SEC championship by LSU. But if they get there, it's back to a NY's day bowl and I can't complain for that.

NFL - Damn Titans not only did you lose, you looked ugly in losing. Lendale goes down with an injury, already adding to a thin RB base. I need Vince to start improving soon. We're tied with Jax for 2nd in the AFC South. The Colts took an L but in a tight AFC chase, we need all the gimmes we can get. Don't mess up next week with Denver

CBB - The season started and Hoya Paranoia is back underway. The game was closer than the score indicated but bottomline, the Hoyas beat William & Mary. Dajuan looked a lil tentative in his new role and the only main contributions came from Hibbert, Sapp, and Wallace but the season is young. They are loaded and go a legit 10 deep. I'm hoping they can capitalize on last season's success. C'mon playas, ya'll doing this for family bragging rights

NBA - 3-2?? I say if the Lakers are either .500 or 1 game under .500 after their initial 10 games, they might have a chance to make some noise. They got the brutal Texas two step this week at Hou, then at SA. I'd be surprised if they won either. Thankfully less talk has been made on Kobe wanting out and the players are starting to come around.

Just my thoughts....:-)

Da Realist:

CFB -- it's really about LSU and Oregon now. upsets have crippled the intrigue of the bowl season (not that i'm complaining). i want them to win out so we can see who the real number 1 is. although if kansas beats OU and finishes undefeated...uh oh.

NFL -- damn the titans. if the patriots win it all, is brady legend greater than joe montana's?

NBA -- the nba doesn't matter until january at least. now is the time for marginal teams (like your lakers) to post wins over good teams in the hopes that it will give the team some confidence. the lakers have a better shot beating SA on the road now than they would in april, for instance. they have a shot against SA and i absolutely expect them to beat houston. the rockets aren't that good.


You know I wasnt buying it when they said Brady was on the same level with Montana when he won his 3rd SB. But if he continues at the rate he's playing, I would have to at least consider it. I thought in two of the SBs, he had no business being named MVP (Vinateri should have won) but that's life. It's one thing to win with marginal or good WRs. It's another to take advantage of an elite WR, which he is doing. You know I could stomach Brady's legend discussion status more than Favre's :)

Da Realist:

Montana threw to the GOAT all those years in SF. He always had a decent running attack (roger craig) and he played behind probably the most creative offensive mind in football history. i don't know...
this is brady's first year playing with an elite WR and he's ripping through the league. i don't know...

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