Wednesday, November 14, 2007

NBA Ruminations


I know it's early but still some of current NBA ongoings are funny as hell..

- Like Starbury going AWOL in NY. I take the rumors with a grain of salt but if they prove to be true, this is going to be some funny s***. Star not happy about being benched so he asks to stay home, 'Zeke thinking of buying out his contract, Star rebutting that he's got stuff on 'Zeke. Aww New York New York big city with dreams.

- "Me? Play. I guarantee you I should suit up. I'd play better than some of them right now. I guarantee it. I swear to God. With an old hip and 62 years old and I can't see, I'll play better than some of my guys tonight. Come on, they were pretty bad." Riles made that comment last night after the Heat were blown out by Charlotte.

- Early comparisons of this year's Celtics to the '95-96 Bulls. Why are they even going there with this one? But for kicks Rondo vs Harper (Bulls WIN), Airness vs Jesus SHuttlesworth (Bulls WIN), Migraine vs A stab victim called Pierce (Bulls WIN), Worm vs Da Kid (wash), Down Under vs Dont call me Sam Perkins (Bulls WIN). Even the bench and coaching favors the Bulls. Again why go there

But these things are funny as hell to me

Gangsta D:

The Celtics are 6-0. This isn't the NFL! They got 76 more games to go! You're talking about a team that's lead by three players who've never been to the Finals, and a coach who's never won a playoff series! Can't the media spend more time talking about OJ? Lol

The Heat are a mess, and a Dwyane Wade at 90% isn't gonna make them THAT much better. Obviously, I'm revelling in their misery. The Lakers may be mediocre, but at least we don't currently reside in a 10 gallon bag of suck.

Steph. What to say about Steph? I actually thought the Knicks had a chance to make a run at the playoffs. And maybe they still do, but they're not mentally tough enough to deal with these distractions and fight through it. It's gonna be an entertaining year in the NBA, for all the wrong reasons.

Da Realist:

Didn't see the game last night but damn, it look like y'all brought everything but the kitchen sink and a bucket of chicken to stop Tim Duncan. I know Chris Mihm didn't do that on his own.

I'm surprised at Phil. I would think the gameplan against the spurs would be the opposite -- let tim get his all game but shut down everyone else. (when has he ever scored 50 points?) Maybe that wears him down by the 4th quarter when you can bang him around a little bit.

We all know he's not the best free throw shooter. No one else will step up because they're out of sync. voilĂ ...lakers win.

But I'm not the one with 9 rings.

Gangsta D:

It was actually back and forth for the first 20 minutes of the game. Turiaf and Kwame were beasting Duncan. Kobe had a sick block on Timmeh and Turiaf had 2 or 3. But no one could stop Parker, and they started leaving Matt Bonner(Matt Bonner?!?) and Bowen open. A 1 point Laker lead with 4 minutes to go in the half turned into a 16 point deficit. Game. Set. Match.


What happened was the Lakers could not stop tripping over themselves. They had 8 turnovers in the first quarter, 14 overall in the first half. The Spurs were ice cold until mid way 2nd quarter but the boys didn't capitalize. And when the Spurs got hot (well really TP, Matt bonner and Bowen) it was a wrap.

Phil threw the 3 headed monster at Tim last night and he had problems. All 3 did a pretty decent job. Kobe actually was too unselfish for most of the night. His teammates kept screwing up the easiest passes and negated his all around effort. Check the highlight reel to see his blocks on Duncan...TWICE!

Da Realist:

SIGNS OF THE APOCOLYPSE - to get beat by the likes of Bruce *@#$! Bowen


ryearb said...

Just wanted to drop by and saying, I have peeping yall site since, the guest apperance days of the
big lead,
just wanted to give shouts out to yall, got yall on my blogroll,
I have always been a huge Shaq Fan, being a florida boy, I got love for my Heat, this is killing me right now, However, I think once Wade gets back, that will take some pressure of RD and Shaq, They will be fine come playoff times

Gangsta D said...

Thanks for the love.

As far as the Heat go, ya'll got problems kid:) Wade will make them better, obviously. But I just don't see good times coming, in my crystal ball:)

Great Waldini said...

Appreciate the add! But seriously what was Riles thinking bringing Smushcalade in? There was a reason he departed LA......