Thursday, November 01, 2007

Who Ya Got ?!? (Thursday)

Winner 33-20
Loser #1 26-27
Loser #2 24-29

Gangsta D:

You guys want to even finish out the season? Lol

VT vs GT

Gangsta D: Virginia Tech is not impressive on offense. They were impressive on defense last week, for about 56 mins. GT will not have Tashard Choice, I believe, for this game. Taylor Bennett doesn't impress me. Neither does Sean Glennon or a gimpy Tyrod Taylor. So it will come down to which defense can make the most plays against an unimpressive QB. I'm going with GT because they're at home.

Waldini: VT b/c you picked GT and at this point, I have to pick the opposite of you no matter how much I disagree with my own pick.

Da Realist: I'm rolling with VT. I think they'll be ready to play after last week. Bobby Dodd stadium has never been known as a hostile environment and GT is down to their 3rd-string running back. Virginia Tech

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