Monday, December 10, 2007

Big Trouble In Big D?

Gangsta D:

Are the Mavs done? Is Dirk no longer the best player on that team? Should Cubes have traded Dirk for Kobe?

It just seems odd that the Mavs are wallowing in the bottom 4 with the Lakers, Warriors, Nuggets, and Rockets. Did the Warriors crush their spirit? Is Dirk doing a John Starks impersonation, without the lisp?


The championship window has closed on Dallas. They followed up their 2006 meltdown with an embarrassing first round exit in 2007. They are still a playoff team and one of the top 4 teams in the West. But they are mentally done. That loss to the Nuggets was a good illustration. Denver just blew an all world performance against the Lakers the night before AND the Mavs had not played in 2 days. Dallas should have crushed them.

I don't care if it's 2006, 2007, or now, no one in their right mind would rather have Dirk Diggler over Bean Bryant. Kobe is selfish but at least he has heart. Put him on this Dallas team and they become a true title contender.

Cuban is a genius when it comes to making money and putting people in his seats. But basketball knowledge wise, he's a novice.

Gangsta D:

They still have 60 or so games to right the ship, but losing to the Hawks on opening night did not get the year off to a rousing start. Josh Howard no longer think Dirk is the team's MVP:)

Da Realist:

I hadn't seen one Mavericks game this year. But I've said all along that Dirk and the Mavs were soft. I'm not surprised. In fact the only thing I was surprised about was Dallas beating San Antonio a couple years ago. Even with Duncan hurt, that surprised me.


Before that series, I thought the mavs were soft and then they showed me something. Prblm was they believed the hype that they had already won the title and didn't close out. And after Crazy Action Jackson went bonkers on Dirk, I sold my stock.

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