Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tom F. Brady...Please Say The Brady

Gangsta D:

Randy Moss is from West Virginia, played in the Metrodome, and played for the Raiders.

Donte Stallworth is from Cali, played at UT, and played in the Super Dome before joining the Eagles last year.

Wes Welker is from Oklahoma, played at Texas Tech, and played for the Dolphins.

The Pats have shown an unwillingness to run the ball.

Could this spell trouble for them if they have to play in a snow game? Think back to what the Pats did to the Colts in '03 in the snow. Could Brady be praying for global warming? Lol


hehe, possibly. I know one thing, don't run your mouth until AFTER the game :-)

Da Realist:

The hate is strong, but this ain't a bad point to make. If it had been the nba, I would have made it weeks ago. ;-)

The Pats aren't unbeatable. The only question is, who is gonna take it to them. Colts? In New England? Well, it's hard to beat a team twice in one season, the Colts can run the ball, the monkey is off their back, they ARE the defending champs and the pressure will be squarely on the pats to cap off an undefeated season.

That, more than the Superbowl (sorry cowboys), is worth ordering some chicago deep dish and kicking your feet up.

Gangsta D:

I don't know. Maybe Pats-Colts II will be the better game. But Pats-Cowboys II would be the most hyped sporting event of the last 20 years, especially if the Pats are 18-0 coming in and the 'Boys are 17-1. Goodell will do everything in his power to make that happen.

Da Realist:

Warm weather Superbowl. Once the Pats get to that point, it's over.

Photo Credit: Al Bello/Getty Images

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