Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh Snap!!

Gangsta D:

The Lakers roll into Chicago next week. Hmmm....what kind of reception will KB24 receive? Cheers? Boos? Will we get a "Kobe" chant? Will the Bulls catch another beatdown? Will Scott Skiles' head finally spin off his body and headbutt Kirk Hinrich to death? What will happen?


Annoucement #1: [Gangsta D] is an asshole!

Annoucement #2: Kobe is a bitch.

The priorities have shifted in the world of the Bulls. Kobe doesn't matter anymore. What matter is that the Bulls get their shit on track again. They've been playing better, but they are still not where they should be. You evil mind trick and silly Kobe queries will not work on us? We are a focused crew and haters are just part of the background.

Gangsta D:

"We are a focused crew and haters are just part of the background."

Wow, I can feel the desperation hitting me in the face from 3,000 miles away. You keep on telling yourself whatever you believe will help you sleep at night.

Da Realist:

It looks like that kid Bynum may be something to hold onto. How old is Kidd now anyway, 40? oh yeah...anything to keep kid Kobe happy.

Gangsta D:

What?!? So now the Lakers are holding onto Bynum to keep Kobe happy? You guys KILL me! But please, keep the hate coming. It may leave you guys with bitter cold hearts, but it keeps me warm at night:)

Da Realist:

I was being sarcastic. You can calm down now. I don't plan on saying anything else about kid Kobe for at least a couple of hours. As Les Miles said, "I'm BUSY".

Gangsta D:

Maybe you won't say anything, but you'll be quietly seething with anger, animosity, spite, hate, and enmity.

Da Realist:

Nah... Kobe is quietly becoming irrelevant to me. Do i want him to lose? Yes. Do i like his 7-22 games ? Yes. Do I need to see him though? NO. He just doesn't win enough.

Right now, we peacefully live in our seperate worlds. He goes about his business shooting 40-45%, winning just enough regular season games to get a low seed AND avoid a high draft pick, then having a couple of good games in the playoffs before the inevitable meltdown in the deciding game that knocks the lakers out of the first or second round.

And i ignore him until playoff time.

And guess what? We're both happy.

Gangsta D:

Wait, I thought you weren't gonna say anything about Kobe for a few hours, cause YOU WERE BUSY. Yes, he's very irrelevant to you:) HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

I just really love tormenting SuperFans #24 and #45. I haven't been able to do it in a few years. It just feels....right.

Da Realist:

Did you just say #24??? you MUST be talking about [G-Nice]...

Gangsta D:

My bad. In my haste, I typed "24" instead of "23." I apologize. If I'm going to clown, I should proofread:)


Jdubb said...

Sorry , all late to this one
one of my fantasy team score 122 points and still lost by 2, So I been hitting the strawberry yohoos pretty hard. I must be strange, I like Kobe, I believe he is the best player on the planet. I can't hate on Kobe as much as I want to cant do it.

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