Friday, December 14, 2007

Who Do You Work For?!?!

Da Realist:

Do you believe this dog-and-pony show baseball is putting on? It's hilarious, but what's not funny is that most people (journalists) do not get it.

First of all, the Mitchell report itself is all HEAR-SAY, since the author couldn't/didn't get subpoena rights. How is this report any different than something "hollywood access" would put out? I believe most of it is probably true, but still...isn't this america??? He even admits he couldn't finger everyone that did steroids. Bullshit report.

Secondly, if you can't see this next point then you need to be institutionalized. The media is in bed with the biggest cheat of them all, baseball itself. Baseball turned its head for years and profited from the "steroid era", dodged accounts to test for it until congress demanded it and then commissioned somebody that sits on the board of
directors for the BOSTON RED SOX to investigate (of which he had no real power so the only way he could get information would be to talk to "locker room people").

Somehow the media is outraged at Roger Clemons, Barry Bonds et al. What about BASEBALL??? And the media will keep the people they read about in this gossip report out of the HOF? On what grounds??? Steroids wasn't even BANNED during this time! So these players are gonna get banned for something that baseball didn't think warranted to be on the banned

But all you're going to hear about is roger clemons and barry bonds.

Gangsta D:

The thing that gets me is, no one can tell me why steroids are bad in the first place. Athletes take supplements to get bigger, stronger, and to heal. How much more does steroids help as opposed to legal supplements? Is it 5%? 10%? 50%? We don't know. We're not even a hundred percent sure on the health problems caused by steroids. There was a lot of "steroids may cause this or may cause that." But we don't know with any certainty. If steroids are prescribed and the user follows a a strict regiment, overseen by a DOCTOR, would that be a bad thing?

Da Realist:

Good points also. I just want to know why people can't see how the players are being used as scapegoats. It's different than track-and-field or biking. Baseball turned it's head and allowed it to happen. Now it wants to punish the ones that did it.

Gangsta D:

But you knew this was coming. Selig ordered it. He wouldn't do it unless he was assured that the fingers would be pointing away from him. He was a car salesman, before owning the Brewers, for crying out loud! lol

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