Friday, December 21, 2007

Old School Friday - The Randomness

I'm too busy contemplating the myriad of ways I plan on getting drunk in the next week to come up with a theme for this week. So you get the randomness, and you'll like it! Hope everyone enjoys the Holiday season. This is probably the last Old School post of the year. Next week, I'll probably be spending most of my time sleeping and drinking. And yes, I will act responsibly....for the most part. HOLLA!

En Vogue - Don't Let Go

"And offed it out the window like the girl in Set It Off did." I can still remember all the groans in the audience during La's lesbian scenes. That shit was funny. Nevertheless, the movie was just OK. I hoped F. Gary Gray would do a bang up job, but apparently, after Friday he ran out of talent pretty quickly. No matter, this joint was the shit.

The D.O.C. - Funky Enough

The D.O.C. is rap's version of Penny Hardaway. So much talent but injuries(car wreck) derailed their careers. "No One Can Do It Better" is such a classic album. I can listen to it, all the way through, 18 years later. Life is unfair sometimes.

Redman - Whateva Man

"I smoked with a lot of college students. Most of 'em wasn't graduating and they knew it." Why he gotta wear a Morehouse sweatshirt? What's up with that shit? But on the real, I can't lie, he was pretty much on the money. However, I did know some Phi Beta Kappas that smoked out on the regular too. But I'm not naming any names. They know who they are.

Ready For The World - Love You Down
"Yo! Jheri Curl's poppin shit! Ready For The World's poppin' shit!" Ahh jeah, I'm all over the place today. This is just a little sneak peak. I plan on hitting up the 80's a lot more in the new year. At any rate, if you get past the curls, this song is mucho dope. These dudes could play back in the day.

Jay-Z - Hard Knock Life

"I flow for chicks wishing they ain't have to strip to pay tuition."
Homecoming party at Club 112 in '98, the DJ plays this song and the crowd goes wild. I hadn't heard the album yet, and I was like "Is that Annie? What the fuck?" I have to admit, I wasn't feeling it at first, but the song definitely grew on me. Jigga knows a hit when he hears it.

Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi (Live)

No words are necessary.

Ras Kass feat Dre & Mack 10 - Ghetto Fabulous

"Some of us hustle in the streets, 20 deep at Club Nikki." The funniest shit I ever heard was said by a DJ at Nikki's. "If you ain't tipping the pussy I suggest you find the nearest exit and throw your broke ass out of it." Ahhh...ATL strip clubs in the mid 90's. You couldn't beat it. Anyway, it's too bad Ras never blew up. Dude had skills.

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