Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Old School Wednesday - Have A Merry Freaking Christmas

Since Christmas is next week, I figured hit you guys with a few Holiday-related clips from the past. Yeah, I'm a giver. It's the reason for the season. Enjoy.

Raging Rudolph

"I'm Yukon Corleone. Who the fuck are you?" I remember watching this for the first time, in Waldini's dorm room, sophomore year. It was one of the few times I damn near choked on my own spit, from laughing too hard. Whoever pitched this skit is a genius and should be treated as such. You really can't beat a bunch stop motion puppets cursing a blue streak, all the while giving childhood memories the finger.

Adam Sandler - The Chanuka (Hanukkah) Song

Come on, I couldn't forsake my Jewish brethren. This performance took place during Sandler's reign as "Walking Deity of Comedy." It's just so ridiculous, so absurd, so silly, so Sandler.

Emmett Otter's Jug Band Christmas

You don't know how happy I was to find Emmett Otter clips on youtube. This was my favorite special as a kid. For some reason, I could relate to Emmett. Yeah, I know. Fake otter muppet. Seven year old black kid. What can I say? I felt that dude.


This is pretty cool. It gets kind of slow in the middle, but muppet bloopers crack me up.

"Bar-B-Que" Performance

Classic material. These dudes got cheated out of soooo many Grammys.

Star Wars Holiday Special

Here is the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special edited down to 5 mins. The original was two hours, but no human on earth could withstand that much suck. If you don't know the background, read up here. It will be readily clear why this "special" only aired once. If you hated the prequels*, you'll be committing seppuku in about 30 seconds.

Run DMC - Christmas In Hollis

And to wrap things up in a nice bow, here's a classic joint from the Kings from Queens.

*I didn't, by the way.


stopmikelupica said...

Holy f*cking sh*t! I'm speechless.

"featuring The Starship Jefferson"?

It's suck soooo badly. But I still wouldn't f*ck that with Beatrice Arthur's dick...

Gangsta D said...

Hey, I said it was a special kind of suck. I'd rather a chick repeatedly kick me in the balls with 6" inch heels, than watch it in its entirety.

Great Waldini said...

My brain is overloading from the dope Christmas odes. Emmitt Otter is so underrated :-). BARBEEECUE (bless my spirit), I swear it never fails, and the sauce just sticks there forever so you never get it under your NAIILLSSS.....