Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where Is Your Mama At?

Seriously. What the fuck is up with the Spears women? In case you haven't heard, Britney's little sister, Jamie Lynn is pregnant...at 16. I think everyone thought that Jamie Lynn would take the road less traveled, and refrain from making herself into a punchline. As Charlie Murphy would say, "Wrong! Wrong!" What ever happened to wearing rubbers? Did that go out of style at some point. At any rate, since Britney and their mother have done such a bang up job as parents, we can only imagine how tremendous Jamie Lynn will be as a role model. I do know this, though. Somewhere Mike Patrick is going apeshit, trying to figure out how to shoehorn Jamie Lynn's pregnancy into the last 30 seconds of Duke-UNC.


JC said...

Brent Mustberger plans on asking what the heck is wrong with Terence Howard during LSU-Ohio St.

Gangsta D said...

No way. Brent's too professional to do that. He wouldn't--OK yeah, he probably would.

Anonymous said...

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