Thursday, January 31, 2008

Knicks Are This Close To The Playoffs!

Gangsta D:

Do you guys realize that the Knicks are 14-31, but only 5 games out of the playoffs? There will be a Western team with at least 45 wins that doesn't make the playoffs. How HORRRRRIBLE is that?


I guess that's why Dolan can't pull the trigger on firing 'Zeke. He's got them in contention and that is what he promised

Gangsta D:

Who'd ever think that 14-31 got you into contention? Although, to be fair, they have been playing better the last few weeks. Crazier things have happened. If he gets them to the playoffs, does Zeke get COY consideration? lol


While you laughing, he probably would get a few votes if he did. However in reality this team should not be struggling to begin with. It's not like the cupboard is bare there. You got two above average post men, decent 3s, an overrated but still sufficient PG and good energy off the bench.

Gangsta D:

He probably has too many good parts to work with. Doesn't seem like they ever have the right combo on the floor to consistently get it done.

I had high hopes for this season. I actually thought they'd be at .500, but when Steph was suspended and let back on the team, they just went into a nosedive. Now that he's not playing, they are playing better, just not consistently better.

Would you be afraid of them in a series? If Jamal Crawford gets hot, he's nasty. Z-Bo is 20/10, Eddie Curry is good enough to be 20/10, Nate Dogg might dunk on you and then try to fight you. It would be interesting, to say the least, to see them in the playoffs.

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